Hi guys I have been working on Securicor now G4S , Post office, Brinks for over 7 years with a team of surveillance and counter surveillance experts in Northern Ireland. Over the years we have protected our main employer G4S and kept their staff robbery free for over 6 years on both the AMT and CIT vehicles. We have had attempt robberies and many of them have been prevented by overt surveillance and many by covert surveillance and the back up from the former RUC and currently PSNI members.
Many criminals or terrorist members at home and abroad do no shy away of the smart water security program, they will still try to get monies, the main problem now is that they will try to take over an ATM bunker when all for boxes have gone in the guards will have opened the boxes without any problems it is now easier for the criminals to get the monies.
Do not believe these guys are stupid that would be your first mistake and last we have seen different terrorist member here in Northern Ireland take over a ATM bunker and it will not be that last.
However working with a private specialist security (counter) surveillance team the threat will be significantly reduced, this goes for any high value transport, from TVís electronic equipment to cigarettes.
It is sometimes a laugh at the Ideas they have come up with here but you have to give them credit for trying, waiting in line at post office carrying a plastic baby in a blanket, having one arm in plaster using other for plastic toy gun, using High fluorescence vests and builders hat, 3 up in a vehicle masks on, the list is endless but these guys will give it a go when they can and the opportunity arises.
Our standing outside the local post office with leg in plaster of Paris and on crutches we have seen it all but once it happens the security team must have clear SOPís and communications.
Many of the guards donít like this and after a couple of days they do not use the proper comís take care you are on top of them build a good relationship with the guards let them know you are there to protect and help them.