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    Default Whatís the difference between standard cameras and WDR ones?

    Iíve been planning on getting CCTV Cameras for my garage and our neighbour, who also uses them, advised us to get WDR or Wide Dynamic Range cameras. Whatís the difference between standard cameras and WDR ones? Frankly, I only wanted to get wireless cameras since Iím not really good with wiring and stuff and I want cameras that can be relocated anytime I want. But Iím curious as to what WDR cameras can do and if theyíre better than other cameras. Are WDR cameras available in wireless and night vision varieties and what brands do you recommend? Are they also a better option money-wise?

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    WDR is a lux level compensation algorithm within these cameras. WDR will compensate for light or dark areas in the same image.
    If you are looking at the Garage ground 99% with no car being in the image, that has sunlight reflections intruding into the image, then WDR is not worth having. If you want detail and have lots of reflective objects in the camera image, such as a car windscreen every day, then WDR is worth using. Wireles cameras are MOSTLY, of a cheaper manufacture and product quality. Wireless can also be subject to interference, and pending your building to garage distance, vary in the quality of image and refresh rate of the wireless transmission quality. I would suggest you go to your local Security Distribution dealer, who will have lots of versions of cameras. While I appreciate that cost is a factor, the better your Camera specification and Digital Video recorder, the better your '' recorded evidence'' will be.
    Features that your camera should have as a must are as follows.

    True Day Night (IRC = IR Cut filter) - Means that the camera can refocus at night with or without IR Lighting. Camera is Infra Red sensitive.

    Digital Day Night ( No IR Cut filter) - Means that the camera will digitally adjust the image. IR lighting is ineffective here.

    600 or more TVL ( 540 to 690TVL produce D1 resolution - make sure your DVR can also record up to D1 resolution)

    BLC, AGC, DNR, Gain Control, White Balance = AWB, 2 DNR or 3 DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) and
    D-WDR (Digital Wide Dynamic). D-WDR is not as standard WDR. In terms of Cameras with WDR, the best WDR you can source is a camera fitted with Pixim or Effio CCD WDR.

    Lastly, your CCTV system is only as good as what you are prepared to spend on it. The less you spend on quality, the less likely it is that your Local CPO or Police Constable is going to be able to '' use '' the video or be able to identify any persons.

    You may also Consider HD-SDI which is slightly higher in cost, but comes 1080P FULL HD. That is 6 times more quality over D1 cameras. It also means you have the capabilities of zooming deeper and still keep the clarity needed.

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