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    Default cpo/chauffeur london

    This is a great opportunity to work for this VIP client. The job is anticipated to last 6 months and involves driving, as part of a team, a high profile executive within this elite unit. You will be liasing with the management team mto ensure that appointments, venues and certain events do not pose risk to the clients and will adhere to the issued standard operative procedures.

    To apply for this job you must have previous experience in close protection, have a First Aid Certificate, a Valid and current SIA CPO licence and no recorded criminal convictions. You will have worked in London previously as a Security Driver, have a clean driving licence and a defensive or evasion skills driving qualification.

    You also must have good knowledge of London and Surrey and be able to conduct yourself in a professional manner whilst undertaking operational duties and have security experience in the provision of support of VIP's.

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    Thanks, Will have a look at this.

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    Default mark

    is this mark ex RP??

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