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    Default CVs and Cover letters

    Hi all,
    can someone please either help me write a CPO CVs and cover letter or send me a templates please, thank you in advance

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    Hi cpoa

    Here is a copy of a recent forum annoucement. If you want a standard CV that will look and feel the same as thousands of other resume's sitting on a pile on the employers desk then there are templates out there. If you want a bespoke package and at the time support the forum, then please click on the tab running along the top of the forum under the heading 'CV Service'.




    We are able to offer this new service through our partnership with forum member ‘JHD’. Following ID checks and professional references, which both parties felt were essential, we are delighted that Julian has committed his full support to this new and exciting project, which falls within his proven specialist field.

    ‘Innovations’ will provide you with a bespoke marketing package, which will be professionally designed, in order for you to gain the advantage you deserve and enhance your opportunities of reaching your goals.

    You will receive the following within your bespoke package.

    PERSONALISED CV – Professionally tailor-made to maximise your appeal by playing to your ‘desirable’ characteristics, key skills and strengths. Your new CV will give off clearly defined and enticing signals to any potential employers or recruitment companies.

    COVERING LETTER – Designed with you in mind, this letter will demonstrate your individual key strengths and qualities, which will complement and further enhance your personalised CV and market appeal.

    PROSPECTING LETTER – This will enable you to effectively ‘pitch’ to potential employers before they place an advert or instruct a recruitment company.

    QUESTIONS & ANSWERS – Your individual background and circumstances will often prompt the interviewer to select certain questions from their list. Therefore, we will provide you with the 10 most likely questions that could be asked along with the relevant answers, with the aim of giving you the potential advantage.

    The above package is available at a cost of 37.00, paid via PayPal. Once confirmation of the payment has been received we will notify Julian, who will send you a PM. Please note that you do not have to provide your personal details as you can add these in the sections available within the documents.
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    Not that difficult but you have to put out time and money to gain something..
    I have trained guys that could have been working today but they dont bather to work on their own cv , some dont even accept they have to train..their training in military or as door supervisor is enough...and they cant spend any money until they are on a job..if really interested go to a professional resume maker ../ company or look at earlier advices..

    Name the doc as your name ex:

    John Doe CV. Doc

    First thing on the cv should be

    Full name

    Personal details:
    Date of birth
    Contact nr
    Contact email:

    Work history and this start with the last example

    2009 security guard G4S / London Cash in transit
    2008 cp detail Germany for Embassy staff / USA
    2006-2008 Security driver London for XXXXX


    Military Training:


    Police Training:


    Security Training:


    Medical Training:


    Special skills such as:

    4x4 vehicle driving skills
    Languages spoken
    Specialist skills in data/communication
    Instructor qualifications etc..


    Referenses ( can be on a specific sheet) but the majority of the companies asking for cv would like to have the references to minimum of 3 people.

    The cover letter should be a basic introduction letter where you state your interest to work for the organisation you apply for etc..

    Do not put out that you have jumped 110 parashute jumps or is a scuba diver if you apply to a cp job in London, or Irak/Afghanistan since private security contractors dont jump to our contracts nor swim to them..
    If you apply for a maritime role then swimming is a (thrue skill that is helping your cv)

    Get your certifications translated if you dont have them in English.
    (authorised translator)

    Get your passport sorted, vaccinations, some equipment is a must to get by your self. Possible driverlicense (international)

    Get your Police (crimial background check) International members see that its in english and not in Danish, Turkey, or French etc..

    Sometimes the job is a fast ball, and if you dont have the clothing for the task or the shoes you might loose the opportunity to ge the job.

    There is much more..but atleast the above is much important.
    (sorry if there is any spelling errors way to tired to check)

    Remember have the training and experience for the role your applying to, its not realistic to go from alarm response security guard to maritime, or cp in europe to high risk work without a hostile environment course or the experience in extreme countries. And been to Greenland on holliday or Africa on Safari is not the experience sought honest to yourself and the company, to lie and hide the facts is a liability to the client and your colleges.

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    Hawk pretty much said it.

    I would add, don't blow air to your CV.

    You either served in an unit that is considered to be a SpecOps or not.
    You must be able to backup each claim of service in the military or private sector with a work certificate signed by your employer.
    ALL companies will provide you with a work certificate, otherwise the company is not worth mentioned in your CV!
    ALL military will provide you with a service record, in a form or another.
    If you were a Ranger, you will get a certificate stating that.
    What they will not state, is mission specifics.
    Locations served, they will state.

    Those few who did " WetOps " in South America, and your Country will deny they ever been there, don't have to look for work through this board!

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    Thank you to all, you have been really helpfull

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