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    Default Hostile Control Tactics

    Hi, Does any body know anything about this company I am looking at cv's with their name and training course on.


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    From Wikipaedia
    Hostile Control Tactics L.L.C. (HCT) is a Virginia-based company that provides "combat training, pre-employment screening and tactical skill assessment evaluations" for Private Military Contractors (PMC) who deploy security forces to the Middle East. HCT also offers training services to Military Special Forces Groups, Police departments, and SWAT teams.

    Hostile Control Tactics is the brain-child of former US Armed Forces tactical instructors, police trainers and self-defense experts. All HCT certified expatriate and TCN guards have completed a U.S. Department of State 164 hour Personal Protective Services (PPS/PSD) course, convoy escort operations training, firearms qualification testing, hand-to-hand combatives, and additional training as required pursuant to each contract and Scope of Work. Candidates for HCT training and employment opportunities must have relevant prior military service, law enforcement experience, or civilian security work experience.

    Training at the company's secluded, 92-acre (370,000 m2) facility in Virginia includes "protective security detail operations, close quarters battle, hostage rescue, kidnap recovery, vehicle escort and other high risk techniques." HCT also helps its graduates to find positions with PMCs where starting salaries vary from $500 to $1500 a day.
    From Aerospace-Defence and other news & PR sites

    [h2]June 10, 2005[/h2]
    [h3]Cowboys – Need Not Apply; Teaching the Right Stuff – for Hostile Conditions[/h3]
    HCT (Hostile Control Tactics, LLC) meets growing need for training PMCs (Private Military Contractors) and security personnel for Middle East and Iraq.
    Fairfax, VA (PRWEB via PR Web Direct) June 9, 2005 -- Since 9-11, the rules of war have changed and so has the composition of the security forces. There are over 250 private military security firms (PMCs) that provide personnel to protect VIPs, dignitaries, corporations, and government vital interests in the Middle East. With the increased kidnappings and attacks by insurgents the demand for qualified personnel continues to grow.
    What determines if someone has the “right stuff” to be a PMC? And where outside the military can they get the training, knowledge and experience to be successful in this dangerous career? The answer is combat training from companies like Hostile Control Tactics, L.L.C (HCT), headquartered in Virginia, which provides combat training, pre-employment screening and tactical skill assessment evaluations for PMCs who send security personnel to the middle-east.
    “We are not looking for cowboys or reactionary musclemen,” explains CEO Kevin James, a former Navy Seal and martial arts expert. “The best men and women for these jobs are those who have the physical skills, think tactically, and can handle the pressure. We are equipping professionals to succeed in hostile environments.”
    All HCT instructors are former U.S. Special Operations military personnel, which insures that the training is intensive, realistic and the most thorough available. HCT's courses and assessments are only available to those with prior military service, law enforcement, private security or a tactical background.
    The training is conducted on a 92 acre secure remote facility that includes protective security detail operations, close quarters battle, hostage rescue, kidnap recovery, vehicle escort and other high risk techniques. “Our mission is two-fold, we evaluate a participant's current skill level and as well as train them to deal with worst-case scenarios, ” states James. HCT also provides training for Military Special Forces Groups, Police departments, SWAT teams and private security personnel.
    “No crybabies and no excuses” is a combat motto. The HCT faculty takes their job very seriously as lives depend upon it. The HCT standards are so tough that over one-third of students do not pass the first level. For those that do, there are many jobs waiting especially for those who display strong leadership capabilities. HCT assists in placement of its graduates as personnel with PMCs where the starting salary ranges from $500-1,500 a day depending upon experience.
    As the withdrawal of conventional military forces from Iraq accelerates and the terrorist actions against non-military persons increase, the projected employment opportunities multiply. HCT graduates are trained to understand the weight of responsibility they carry. “To succeed in a war zone, security personnel must know more than how to load a machine gun,” James adds, “HCT graduates understand their role both as protector and ambassador of peace.”
    The next HCT monthly training will be June 20-24th. For more information on the school contact Kevin James 703.987.3110 and visit - hc tactics Resources and Information.This website is for sale!.
    To book media interviews contact Lynn Wilford Scarborough at 469.951.7051 or e-mail protected from spam bots.
    Kevin James
    9559 Braddock Road #302
    Fairfax, VA 22032
    (703) 987-3115 - hc tactics Resources and Information.This website is for sale!
    The website is defunct and I can find no new site for them.

    The name does come up as a common term on malware, warez, pron, virus, adware, and other dodgy sites.
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    Following receiving a threat of legal action from

    Kevin D. James
    Hostile Control Tactics, LLC

    We have removed the rest of this thread.

    Without personal knowledge of this company, CPW cannot allow itself to be brought into comments which may be libellous, even if true.

    We have also closed this thread so no more replies can be made.

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