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    Default DynCorp WPS ~ Erbil,Iraq

    (I'm not the POC, just showed up on my radar,Good luck guys.)
    My name is Randy Norman and I am the Protective Security Specialist recruiter on the WPS contract in Erbil, Iraq with DynCorp International. We are in the process of submitting BIO's to the customer (DOS) for approval and I see where you have applied for a Protective Security Specialist position or similar position with us in the past. If you are currently still interested in a PSS position for 13 months (1 months training and a 12 month mission) you must have at least 36 months in the military, law enforcement or protective security experience from the private sector. One (1) year, of the three, shall include experience in protective security assignments.
    If you are interested please read on.
    Your BIO MUST show at least that one (1) year of PSS/PSD assignment experience or you will not be considered for the position. There will be no exceptions to these requirements so if you do not have that experience or if it can't be verified we cannot move forward at this time. The compensation rate for the PSS position is approximately 150k to $165K for a 253 to 283 day assignment; all other details are forthcoming and can be discussed with me if you are interested. This mission is 105 days on and 35 days off. However, you can take less R and R to reach the $165k amount which would equate to 30 days of R and R total over a year. The yearly amount varies based on how much R and R is taken. (It can vary from 30 to 70 days.

    In order to be considered for this position, I will need the following source documents scanned and emailed to me in a PDF or Word document. I will not be able to read or adjust any other formats so if there is an issue, please let me know so we can make other arrangements. I will need:

    - Passport
    - SSN Card
    - DD Form 214 (if prior military)
    - Driver's License
    - WPPS Certs (or similar courses)

    I am also attaching a BIO worksheet and instructions on how the customer wants it filled outI want to ensure that when I forward your BIO that it goes through seamlessly the first time up. For example; the BIO needs to be in Times New Roman, 12 point font. This is not negotiable as that is what the customer requires or they will reject it. If you list a certificate on the BIO, you must provide it or they will reject it. Please only include certifications that are specific towards PSS type work. Degrees from college, boot camp, ECT are not needed.
    In closing, I look forward to receiving an email from you and I need the BIO and documents sent to me within 24 hours of receiving this email.
    We need candidates for this position to be ready to leave August 12th. Obviously, this will be a very quick process and turnaround time to make the 12th. There will be classes throughout the end of August and September however currently August 12th is the focus.
    Please email ASAP if you are interested with the BIO complete. Please read the BIO instructions very carefully if you'd like to be submitted. Please keep in mind that "Less is more" in this scenario regarding your BIO. Just the highlights as it relates to PSS/PSD. And just the certs that relate to PSS/PSD.
    Also, if you are already processing or are not interested please forward this email to anyone you think might be interested. Your referrals are greatly appreciated.
    Below is the job description for your review.
    Job Summary
    Perform personnel protective service detail assignments

    Principal Accountabilities:
    The PSS is required to attend the Basic PSS Training course as outlined in the contract
    The PSS shall maintain weapons qualifications as outlined in the contract for the Glock, M4, Shotgun, M240, M249 and M203 and familiarization fire for AK47
    Perform the day-to-day protective security functions as specified in daily post and detail orders
    Driving the lead vehicle(auto, aircraft, boat), principal's vehicle, or follow-vehicle, whenever required in motorcade or similar operations
    Driving follow-vehicle and/or acting as response agent. Carries and operates weapons as specified in daily post and detail orders, or upon orders from the detail leader or shift leader
    Maintaining protective formation position during principal's walking movements
    Participating in advance security preparations
    Mannering the security post at principal's residence or manning the Command Post, as required

    Management Responsibilities:

    Experience Required:
    U.S. Citizen/TCN , as specified in the Task Order
    Level 3 English proficiency
    Completed or servers at least three (3) years in the military, law enforcement, or protective security from the private sector
    One (1) year, of the three, shall include experience in protective security assignments

    Education Required:
    Three (3) years of training can be substituted for one (1) year of experience. A four (4) year degree may be substituted for one (1year) of protective Security Training

    Experience/Education Preferred:
    Experience can be gained in the employ of any Federal, State, Local or commercial entities providing high threat protective services that require skills similar to those outlined in Training Curriculum of the base contract

    Thanks, Randy


    Randy Norman
    Technical Recruiter
    Worldwide Recruiting & Staffing Services LLC
    a DynCorp International Company
    13601 North Freeway Suite 200
    Fort Worth, TX 76177
    Office: 817/682-4369 /email - randy.norman @
    Fax: 214-722-1227
    Connect with me on
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    SOURCE:Secure Aspects Group Inc. Forum for High Risk Security Contractors !

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    Sorry, these are just for US citizens because of the clearance required.