Any former members of 3 UDR on board ? In particular "D" Coy ?

The memorial at the site where Pte John Birch (28), LCpl John Bradley (25), LCpl Michael Adams (23) and Pte Steven Smart (23), all members of the Ulster Defence Regiment CGC. The men were killed in a Provisional IRA land mine attack on their mobile patrol on Ballydugan Road, Downpatrick. They were travelling as part of a two Land Rover patrol from Ballykinlar to Downpatrick when PIRA command wire detonated a 1000lb landmine bomb hidden in a culvert beneath the road.

On a recent visit to mark their deaths a former soldier was dismayed by the state of the memorial .Plans are been put in place to erect a fitting memorial in another location that can be tended to . ( follow link for current memorial ) CAIN: Victims: Memorials: UDR Memorial (Ballydougan Road)

If you are a former member of the Bn and would like to assist with this please pm me and Ill give you the emails of the 2 ex D Coy guys that are taking point on this .

In memory of Pte John Birch, LCpl John Bradley, LCpl Michael Adams and Pte Steven Smart of the Ulster Defence Regiment CGC who lost their lives on Ballydugan Road, Downpatrick, 9 April 1990. Never forgotten.