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    I am currently re searching cp trg companies for my resettlement in 2013 after a 22 year career in the british army (my profile is on cp world). At the moment i am looking at a good medical course for cp work i have looked at The medical wing, sos, exmed and cobra. I am currently on a faaw course i understand that fpos basic/intermediate is a good grounding i have limited med trg other than being a bcdt instructor(basic military first aid). I have been told that the Mira 1 is very good but with limited experience is the course worth it?, SOS/MEDICAL WING have a combination of courses which qualify for the the elc scheme i know the SOS cse is done abroad again i ask are these courses worth the money and do cp companies rate these courses?

    Please do not take this as dig at any of the above companies i would not do this i just need to choose the right medical course that is top draw and will aid my entry into the cp circuit and make me an asset in first aid should the need arise in a non hostile or hostile enviroment.

    Thanks for reading this Pete Muir

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    Hi Pete

    Please be very very cautious when choosing a training provider. There is no short cut to becoming a competent medic but plenty of training providers will sell you a dressed up fpos-i and send you off thinking you've just become a paramedic after about 5 days with a load of skills you can't practice.

    I did my medical training with Ronin in South Africa and would recommend them highly its a lot of hard work but it was worth it in the end.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.


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    hey mate thanks for your service

    have you looked at Phecta from south wales he does a combat medics course and is a CPW member

    ex mil medic and serving paramedic

    Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Training Agency

    hope it helps

    cheers ed

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    Hi Pete,

    FPOS-I is a good start, as Scott says, be careful. There is a lot of sexing up of courses so they sound good, consider the time frames and what they claim to teach, ask yourself, is this realistic?

    From what I've heard of the courses and people who have done them, I'd say SOS or Ronin SA. These 2 courses both offer practical hands on with real patients. Whenever I'm dealing with a patient or training I draw from experience with actual patients I have seen and treat, a picture (memory) speaks a thousand words.

    If you don't have the time, just stick with a basic FPOS-I, you should be able to relate this to your personal experiences in the military, or ask the course provider if they can throw in some battle trauma scenarios.

    Cheers and good luck,


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