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Reports to the Offshore Installation Manager

Offshore location.

- Valid healthcare practitioner’s license issued by the holder’s national governing or licensing board acceptable to the Flag State maritime authority.
- Knowledge of local safety related legislative and regulatory requirements.
- Valid medical examination and vaccination certificates.
- Basic computer skills.
- NREMT-P or State Paramedic Certification
- ITLS or BTLS Card
- ACLS Card
- CPR Certified

- Assist in coordinating the safety efforts and training onboard the rig.
- Provide medical care and treatment to all personnel onboard the rig.

- Ensure that all job related injuries and illnesses are accurately recorded on the Job Injury/Illness form
– Provide copies to supervisor for transmittal to shore-based management.
- Assist in accident investigations involving personnel injury or illness in accordance with QHSE policies and procedures.
- Assist the RSTC in recording all medical attention rendered on the rig on a monthly treatment log.
- Assist with presenting and/or coordinating safety orientation session for all persons arriving on the rig for the first time.
- Act as Helicopter Landing Officer in the absence of a Bosun to coordinate the arrival/departure activities of the helideck.
- Assist in maintaining the relevant On the Job Training (OJT) materials onboard the rig.
- Assist the RSTC in coordinating the annual re-certification of all Company personnel assigned to the rig.
- Assist in distributing Safety Alerts, Safety Advisories, Incident Rate Charts, Injury/Illness Analysis, and Quality Reports to appropriate supervisors for review by all personnel.
- Discuss safety improvement ideas with RSTC and OIM.
– Coordinate the transmittal of Quality Improvement Proposal forms to ensure appropriate action is taken.
- Maintain strict confidentiality of all medical and clerical/administrative records under his/her care.
- Ensure that the data such as wages, employee addresses and telephone numbers are not released to unauthorized personnel.
- Provide training to all personnel on an annual basis with regard top prevention of blood borne and body fluid pathogens.
- Perform monthly inventory of all First Aid kits, emergency response stations, and hospital treatment rooms for required pathogen protective equipment.
- Coordinate all record keeping with regards to training, immunization, and reporting suspected exposures.
- Carry out general inspection of the rig on a daily basis and identify hazards and reinforce proper safe conducts.

- Promote and maintain a good working relationship with other departments, third party personnel and Client Representative.
- Maintain discipline onboard and ensure compliance with Company disciplinary procedures.

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