I'm not the POC...

Closing Date : 20 February 2011

We are in urgent need for a Rig Medic to perform an essential part of an offshore rig and provide emergency medical care for all personnel along with other various occupational health tasks. To be responsible for the provision of the rig primary first aid response.

Provide trauma and medical care to injured and sick personnel on the rig

Operate and maintain the rig hospital, medical supplies and medical equipment.

Ensure that all hospital and emergency medical equipment is serviceable and rectify any deficiencies

Ensure the hospital and related areas are clean

Monitor all aspects of health and hygiene in the rig catering facilities.

Monitor freezer and refrigeration food storage hygiene and temperatures

Perform regular testing of potable water supplies for quality.

Perform regular inspection and servicing of rig eye wash stations and first aid kits.

Offshore Medic - Solac Engineering