I'm not the POC...

Employer: HSE Offshore Limited
Desired Expertise: Emergency Response, Paramedic / Nurse, Medic, Medical, Emergency Response
Experience: 5+ years
Minimum Education: Tech/Vocational Cert.
Job Status: Active / Open

Job Description:
•To provide an excellent level of primary care to all crew members.
•Discuss all significant medical cases with the Topside doctor and if necessary summon emergency medical support and prepare personnel for evacuation.
•Deliver emergency and primary stabilisation and treatment of all accidents and illnesses.
•Ensure an effective response in emergency situations by providing appropriate training for emergency teams and first aiders.
•Co-ordinate and supervise the first aid teams during medical and operational emergencies.
•Ensure and maintain records that demonstrate this that the Medical Emergency Response Team are up to date with their first aid training and have a full understanding of the equipment they may be required to use.
•Provide handover notes at crew change.

Candidate must hold a Brazilian visa that is not company specific.