PSD Team Member
Job ID: 2868Location: Kabul, Afghanistan Category: Security Position Type: Contract Contract Name: Contract Length: Salary: Open Security Clearance: Status (definition): Vacant

Company Description

Position DescriptionResponsible for the personal protection of all DynCorp Program Managers, Deputy Program Managers and other Principals under the direction of the PSD/CP Detachment Commander. Follows PSD/CP security procedures to effectively ensure mission compliance. The PSD/CP Officer will assist in the development of PSD/CP policies, guidelines and procedures to ensure mission required performance.

Principal Responsibilities of the Classification:

Performs personnel protective service detail assignments as they pertain to assigned programs:

A. Responsible for safe operations of assigned PSD/CP transportation to ensure for principals safety, to include mobile, air and static venue operations.
B. Utilize special weapons and tactics to ensure mission success.
C. Conducts protective formation positions daily.
D. Conducts advanced security reconnaissance of projected routes.
E. Conducts static security assignments when directed.
F. Preclude behavior that would reflect poorly on the Principal, DynCorp, the Department of State, or the Afghanistan Government.
G. Presents a clean and professional appearance to include being height/weight proportionate.
H. Carries out other duties as assigned.

Education Required:

Candidate must possess a High School Diploma or GED equivalent.

Experience Required:

U.S. Citizen

Minimal one (1) year experience in High Threat Environment (Preferably in a PSD capacity)

Candidate should at a minimum possess a combined time of six (6) years military (Combat Arms) and/or Law Enforcement experience (SWAT) with leadership and management experience and training preferred.

This experience and background may have been gained in any of the following organizations:

• U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Service
• U.S. Secret Service
• U.S. Federal Agencies, i.e., FBI (former special agents with protective security background)
• U.S. Special Forces/Special Operations
• U.S. Military Infantry (Army or USMC)
• Commercial executive protection services with military or police background
• Law Enforcement experience (U.S. Military Police/Criminal Investigations Division; or an Emergency Services, SWAT type unit of a local or State Law Enforcement Agency)

Candidate must successfully complete the High Risk Motorcade Course/Protective Security Detail (HRMC/PSD) training, which will include an initial physical fitness test and three weapons qualification courses throughout the training course.

The minimum standards are:

• Endurance Run completed in 2:10 (two minutes and ten seconds)
• Obstacle Course completed in 2:00 (two minutes)
• M-4 Rifle qualification scoring 270 points
• M-9 Pistol qualification scoring 180 points.

Required SkillsSpecial Knowledge/Skills Required:

A. Excellent communications skills with persons at all levels.
B. In-depth knowledge of company’s PSD/CP security policies and procedures.
C. Ability to communicate fluently in the English language.
D. May be required to respond to a wide variety of operational circumstances, including extreme weather conditions and rudimentary infrastructure.
E. Ability to conduct both static and mobile PSD/CP operations.
F. Technical and tactical proficiency with the various small arms used in support of company operations
G. Ability to operate motor vehicles of various weights in a tactical manner both on and off-road.
H. Superior level of physical fitness, which allows for standing for extended periods, running w/ tactical equipment and pulling/carrying an excess of 180lbs.