1. 3663/ www.3663.co.uk recruitment@3663.co.uk food services to the NAAFI and UK forces worldwide including Iraq
2. 4d squared/ www.4dsquared.com info@4dsquared.com design and build in post-conflict and remote areas
3. 4Resolution/ www.4Resolution.com apply via web-site, recruitment for international development sector
4. 4exForces/ www.4exforces.co.uk e-mail via web-site, on-line recruitment including security
5. Aegis/ www.aegisworld.com apply via web-site, security company
6. Afex/www.afexgroup.comcareers@afexgroup.com remote site support with a focus on Africa
7. APG Protection/ www.apgprotection.com uk@apgprotection.com security company
8. Ake Group/ www.akegroup.com services@akegroup.com security company
9. Allegiance Search and Selection/ ryan@allegianceretail.com specialist recruiter for security companies
10. Ama Associates/ www.ama-assoc.co.uk apply via web-site, security company
11. Amec/ www.amec.com check via web-site for Iraq etc, engineering, construction
12. AMSCO/ www.amsco.org A United Nations Project to provide expatriate managers to African Companies.
13. Anubis Associates/ www.anubisltd.com security company, apply via web-site
14. Armor Group/ www.armorgroup.com hr@armorgroup.com security company
15. Assured Risks/ www.assuredrisks.com info@assuredrisks.com security company
16. Atkins/ www.atkinsglobal.com multi-discipline, engineering oriented, apply via web-site
17. Babcock/ www.babcock.co.ukcareers@babcock.co.uk support services infrastructure
18. Bactec/ www.bactec.com bactec.hr@bactec.com EOD and mine clearance
19. Blue Sky/ www.blueskysc.org incert@blueskysc.com executive security consultants and recruitment
20. Blue Hackle/ www.bluehackle.com jobs@bluehackle.com security company

1. Britam Defence/ www.britamdefence.com enquiry@britamdefence.com security company
2. British Security Group/ www.thebritishsecuritygroup.cominfo@thebritishsecuritygroup.com security company
3. Broadbridge Wraith/ www.broadbridgewraith.co.uk info@broadbridgewraith.co.uk risk management and security
4. C2 Logistics/ www.c2logistics.com info@c2logistics.com freight and logistics
5. C2i International/ www.c2i-international.com enquiries@c2i-international.com security company
6. Centurion Risk Services/ www.centurion-riskservices.co.uk main@centurionsafety.net security company
7. Chilport/ www.chilport.co.uk info@chilport.co.uk security company, specialist dog section
8. Chiron Resources/ www.chiron-resources.com owclive@chiron-resources.com security company
9. Churchill/ www.churchillrecruitment.net recruit@churchillrecruitment.net recruitment company
10. Clearwater/ www.clearwaterprojects.com apply via web-site, security company
11. CPW/ www.closeprotectionworld.co.uk an excellent forum for general security info, inc jobs
12. Control Risks/ www.crg.com recruitment@control-risks.com security company
13. Counter Threat Group/ www.counterthreatgroup.com enquiries@counterthreatgroup.com security company
14. CTG Global/ www.ctgglobal.com careers@ctgglobal.com HR and ops support to NGOs and others in post-conflict regions
15. CTP/ www.ctp.org.uk see web-site, service leavers web-site inc jobs with security companies
16. Danger Zone/ http://www.dangerzonejobs.com subscription go via web-site for post-conflict jobs
17. Dascam Consulting/ www.dascamconsulting.com info@dascamconsulting.com corporate security consulting
18. DCS Group/ www.dcsgroup.dk e-mail via web-site, Danish logistics company, post conflict related support
19. DEC/ www.dec.org.uk Disasters emergency Committee. Apply via web-site
20. Demobjob/ www.demobjob.co.uk recruitment company. Apply via web-site
21. Development Executive Gp/www.developmentex.com jobs in international development. Apply via web-site
22. DFS Middle East FTZ/ www.dfsmiddleeast.com info@dfsmiddleeast.com transport and logistics
23. DPM/ www.dpmriskmanagement.co.ukenquiries@dpmriskmanagement.co.uk risk management
24. ECC/ www.ecc.net construction etc in post conflict/disaster areas. Apply via web-site
25. Edinburgh Risk and Security/www.edinburghint.com apply via web-site, security company
26. Erinys International/ www.erinysinternational.com security company. Apply via web-site.
27. ES.KO International/www.es-ko.comes-ko@es-ko.com camp supply and logistics, post conflict areas etc
28. ESS/ www.compass-group.com apply via web-site, food and camp management service worldwide