(I'm not the POC) ArmorGroup North America

Program Manager (Kabul, Afghanistan)
Site Supervisors (Kabul, Afghanistan)
Emergency Medical Technicians (Kabul, Afghanistan)

ArmorGroup North America is looking for Program Managers, Site Supervisors and Emergency Medical Technicians (I) to work in a high threat, austere environment. These security specialists will provide a range of security services, which may include special event security and static security. This Protective Services contract requires security professionals who can meet strict professional and ethical standards and professionally represent the United States abroad.

Life in remote austere environments can be challenging and not for everyone; however, for those who have what it takes to operate in a combat region, it can be one of the most personal and professionally rewarding experiences in a lifetime.

**9 week on / 3 week off rotations with Roundtrip R&R ticket provided**

For more information and detailed requirements, visit our blog posts:

Please send resume to agnaresumes@wsidc.com