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CP World

CPWorld is an international close protection and security portal that is free of charge with no membership fees or complicated joining process. The site is developed, designed and delivered to you by trained and experienced Close Protection Officers.

What We Do

The management team here at the site are not only web designers and trained British soldiers but also themselves CP trained. We know from first hand knowledge that networking is vital within the industry but we believe that equally important is helping others within our profession. This was solely the reason why the site was designed. That said the site not only caters for CPO’s but also every sector within the scope of the security world.

We cover all areas of the security sector including Executive Protection, both hostile and non-hostile Close Protection work, Door Supervisors and Security consultancy. Within the forum we have seasoned operators, company managing directors, course instructors and many freshly trained CPO’s. This broad spectrum of experience and knowledge has created a forum which is not only free, vibrant and fresh but also current and unbiased.

Our Vision

Welcome to the Close Protection World forum! Close Protection World was originally created pre Facebook by Covert Munkey and Mally as a forum where operatives from the security sector could gather and exchange vital information and requirements from person to person. 2022 saw the platform get a full revamp and the app develop alongside it, thrusting Close Protection World into the modern era.

Close protection World now provides a central hub of engagement dedicated to the world of Close Protection and all it entails. Be it from vital information across the world, sharing advice amongst operators, recruitment or networking.

The app also supports the Close Protection World annual event that delivers exhibitors from all sectors of security from insurance, medical and training, right up to tactical field equipment. Close Protection World is a community in which you can not only grow your network, but build yJour professional portfolio and expand your knowledge. The journey starts here….

Download Our App

The Close Protection World mobile phone app is available on both iOS and Android. Type in Close Protection World and the forum app will appear.

Engage with contacts, friends and fellow security industry members in a safe community 

Take advantage of discreet usernames that allows anonymity and open frank discussion without judgement. 

Engage with the Industry

Chat with like minded people and start debates, communicate globally with others security professionals. 

Build your network 

Participate in discussion and build your contacts. Learn, raise questions and build your knowledge of the industry. 

Global Connections

Build your network of contacts. The CPWorld membership spins the Globe and world from shared experiences. 

Job Vacancies 

Share vacancies, find opportunities and help others secure work. Benefit from global Job offers. 

 Knowledge Sharing

Share your knowledge by leading debates and help those new to the industry. 

Secure Discussions 

Feel safe without censorship or judgement. Unlike other community platforms your details are not shared.