yea the original post was made in 2009, no offence but people need to read and understand what they read. I still have guys asking me for work for the 50+ guys I recruited for Afghanistan here and it was many years ago. The reason I stopped is that some 60 guys got work in Afghanistan mainly as medics some here who run their own business and don't even bother to say thanks. I was promised to get paid and I never did at least the guys got work but from 60 guys 2 said thanks and that tells you who youre real friends is and what kind of people just grab what they can and don't look back.
There have been so many organisations and associations forums and groups all over the world with the same goal, and really it will never happened since the hours of the training is what the Government say, the bigger companies that buy seats wish the shortest, and less expensive to get their operators trained they don't care if you present a 30 day course for 4000 when you can get one 14 day course for 1700 and that is the honest truth.
We tried it in Sweden, and failed since to them the most expensive and longest training isn't best the short one is..

People that have a big mouth or running big forums who get the first poc with a sponsor or client can still make it but the member that get his/her plastic membership card, a badge or id will not make it big. Also a basic security guard in Sweden earns 4000 USD just to give some feedback to why UK and London is out of the questions for most Scandinavians even though Scandinavians work there. Just had to get it out