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    The Awkward moment when I use to DM in dungeons and dragons...

    1. Where would the bodyguard position himself relative to the ambassador and the rest of the group of 14? Suppose that one of the escort group is a wilderness guide who's accustomed to taking point. Would his positioning differ if the group were under attack, as opposed to just traveling? (They will be attacked by monsters at some point.)

    Depends on what Class and race you've picked a Gnome or Halfling would not really be escourting up front you have to take consideration that a Paladin would be somewhat positioned differently than a cleric.

    2. When the group camps in the countryside, would the bodyguard want to dictate who takes which overnight watch, or would he go along with whatever the whole group decided? Would he insist on taking watch the whole night? If he did take just one watch, which one would he be most inclined to choose?

    The bodyguard can easily decide but ultimatley the DM can decide you fall asleep while taking guard and are ambushed by a pack of goblins just go with the flow of the game and it'll be more fluid asking questions will just ruin your experience just improvise it and go along with the DM.

    3. If the bodyguard is the ambassador's only specially designated bodyguard (that is, there is no protection team, just him), when and where does he sleep? Will he ever sleep at the same time as the ambassador?

    You'll have to decide this while playing could do a perception role to see if the cost is clear before you sleep roll a d20

    4. Under what circumstances would the bodyguard allow other members of the escort group to assume some or all of his protection responsibilities?

    as said before all depends on what class you're playing and what they are playing ambassadors been attacked does the cleric heal because you play a rogue with no healing spells? does someone have higher perception or dexterity for the dice rolls? what are the stats of other players character cards.

    5. When the group takes lodging in the city, what would be his preferred arrangement? Would he allow another member of his own group to share a room with the ambassador, would he share a room or suite with the ambassador, or would he insist on her having a private room of her own? Again, when and where would he sleep? What if the only lodging available were bunks in a common room? What if there were only single rooms available?

    ultimetly in the DMs hand he could say you walk in to an Inn and theres only one room what do you do? you could sleep in there but then bang bandits attack and attack your friends who are waiting outside.

    6. As flavor, it makes sense for the bodyguard to be armed with a greataxe and javelins. But does it make sense tactically? Given the weaponry available in the setting, are these stupid choices, and if so, what other weapons would make more sense?

    Depends what class you're playing having a greataxe and a Javelin I'd say a barbarian? If so you're stupid anyway and just want to smash things (depending on int level)

    Cant believe I'm talking about D&D on a bodyguarding page haha if you want to go in detail can give me a ring it was only a few months ago I gave it up as work the doors on D&D night now.

    P.S. I hope your ambassador gets eaten by a Gelatinous Cube
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    I've just now realized that I wasn't clear at the outset: I'm the DM in this game, and I'm running the ambassador, the bodyguard and the rest of the delegation as NPCs. My players' characters are the escort.

    It may seem crazy, but one of our rangers is a halfling, and the other is a dwarf. I'm planning some fun interactions between the enormous orc bodyguard and the halfling ranger, with the horrible scars the halfling received from a previous encounter serving as an icebreaker.

    I do not plan for there to be any gelatinous cube in this adventure. Gnolls, gricks, green hags and assassins, though . . .

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