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  1. Sticky Thread Sticky: The boxing ring!

    Started by Covert Munkey, 27-01-2009 07:03
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    111, 7.62, act, als, amazing, areas, arse, attached, aye, back, bar, bastion, big, bigger, bit, blokes, bloody, bollocks, boxing, break, brilliant, bring, buddy, clean, code, comments, con, contact, cool, copy, corporate, country, cover, crew, cry, day, days, dear, died, drinks, easy, eat, end, equality, eve, excellent, eyes, fancy, fat, feel, fight, find, fine, fit, forum, forward, free, front, full, fun, funny, give, god, gold, good, great, guys, hat, head, hear, hearing, hey, hit, hitting, home, idea, images, industry, inte, jump, jus, kev, kind, king, lads, lead, left, link, lot, love, made, man, mate, mates, mile, mock, navy, nco, nurses, open, opinions, padded, paid, para, parties, past, people, permit, personal, pick, piss, place, poor, post, previous, problems, professionals, pulling, quiet, reside, ringing, rope, runs, school, shot, show, site, situation, sl5, sleep, social, speak, standing, straight, struggle, stuff, stupid, surely, tac, tact, talking, thai, thin, thing, thought, turn, turning, twat, ufc, voice, vulnerable, wait, wat, wear, wipe, world, wrong
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  2. Sticky Thread Sticky: Who would you work for again?

    Started by Nomad, 25-01-2009 11:58
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    000, 1st, 2000, 28th, 8th, accomodation, acs, active, add, advertising, advice, aegis, afghan, afghanistan, age, ago, alot, als, amount, asks, aspects, associates, attacks, aug, back, background, bad, bank, based, ben, benefits, bit, blokes, blue, bonuses, boss, british, business, called, capable, cards, carl, cars, case, central, change, choice, civi, class, clear, cleared, client, clients, close, color, companies, company, companys, completed, complex, con, conditions, consultancy, contact, contacts, contract, contractors, contracts, corporate, correct, country, cp work, cpo, credit, current, days, deal, decent, decided, decisions, definately, delete, details, diamond, difficult, door, door supervisor, doubt, driving, due, earning, east, employer, employers, end, ensure, entry, erinys, eve, event, event security, events, ex mil, ex police, excellent, executive, expect, experience, experienced, extensive, face, fair, family, favour, festivals, finally, find, firm, fit, foot, formation, forum, forums, forward, friends, front, fun, future, g4s, game, gardaworld, give, giving, good, great, ground, group, guards, guess, guy, guys, hard, hat, head, heard, hearing, heat, hecpo, held, hey, high, highly, hire, hit, hmg, hold, holidays, honest, hostile, hotel, hourly, hours, hra, idea, ieds, improve, industry, info, information, input, inside, insurance, international, interviews, involved, involves, iraq, ish, issue, issues, job, jobs, john, jump, jus, king, kit, knowing, knowledge, kroll, ladies, land, las, learning, leaving, left, legal, level, licence, life, likes, line, list, live, loads, location, london, long, los, lost, lot, lower, luck, made, make, makes, making, man, manage, management, mar, maritime, maritime security, mark, market, match, mate, matter, means, meet, members, men, mentioned, merit, middle, middle east, mil, mind, money, month, months, mountain, music, national, negative, networking, nice, northern, note, noticed, number, offered, oil, olive, operations, operative, operatives, operators, opportunity, order, owner, page, paid, para, party, pay, payment, payments, people, period, person, personal, phone, place, plate, plenty, point, police, position, positions, post, posts, pre, pretty, prevention, private, pro, problem, problems, profession, professional, professionals, projects, protection, provide, provided, psd, public, put, qualifications, quality, question, questions, quick, quickly, rate, rates, read, reason, reasons, recently, recommend, references, remember, report, represent, reputation, require, required, respect, response, rest, reverse, road, rotation, rst, run, russia, russian, scheme, scotland, search, section, sector, secure, security, send, service, set, shifts, ship, ship security, sia, side, sign, simple, single, small, smaller, special, stand, standard, standards, star, start, starting, state, stated, stick, suggest, suit, supervisor, surely, tac, tact, taking, talking, tapmaster, tasks, taxes, team, teams, thin, thing, things, thought, time, times, today, told, tomorrow, tools, top, training, true, turn, type, undertake, usd, users, vehicles, vip, wage, wages, walk, walked, wanted, waste, website, week, wells, west, whilst, white, woman, won, wondering, work, worked, workers, working, works, world, worthy, written, wrong, year, years, yrs
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  3. Sticky Thread Sticky: Association of Professional Security Operatives

    Started by Nomad, 09-02-2009 11:36
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    000, 100%, 1000, 1st, 21st, 50+, ability, accept, accepted, access, action, add, additional, address, admin, advice, advisor, affect, age, ago, aid, air, alot, als, america, american, amount, answer, apl, appearing, application, applications, applied, apply, approved, approved contractor, april, area, areas, arse, asap, asked, aspects, assist, assistance, association, attitude, attractive, author, authority, aware, back, background, badge, base, based, basically, basis, bba, beating, benefits, big, bill, bit, black, bloody, blue, boat, body, bodyguarding, bollocks, box, boys, bring, british, build, built, business, buy, call, called, cameron, camp, capable, card, careful, carry, case, cases, centre, century, chairman, chance, change, changing, charge, charlie, cheap, check, checks, cheers, choice, choose, clear, client, clients, close, close protection, close protection services, close protection training, clothing, club, code, color, coming, comment, comments, commercial, commit, common, community, companies, company, complete, completed, con, conclusion, conditions, conduct, confused, cons, consultation, contacts, contractor, contracts, control, corner, corporate, correct, cost, council, couple, cover, cp training, cpos, cqb, cracking, crb, create, cri, criteria, current, cut, cyber, dam, dark, date, david, day, days, dead, dealing, dear, decided, decisions, deliver, demand, den, dependent, des, develop, difficult, directed, direction, directly, director, discussing, dogs, dollars, domain, door, doubt, draw, drive, driven, drop, ds course, due, early, easy, education, election, embarked, emergency, employ, employed, employer, employers, employment, end, english, ensure, entry, environments, equality, equipment, ethics, eve, ex mil, ex-service, excellent, executive, expect, expensive, experience, experiencing, expression, eyes, face, fact, fair, family, fast, father, favour, fee, feedback, feel, fees, feet, felt, filling, finance, find, fire, first aid, flooded, focused, follow, forced, form, format, formation, formed, forum, forward, free, friends, front, fulfill, full, fully, fun, funding, funny, future, gain, general, generally, give, global, goal, god, good, government, grateful, great, ground, group, guess, guidance, guys, half, hand, happen, happening, happy, hard, hat, head, heading, heads, hear, heat, held, helping, helps, hey, hit, hold, home, hope, house, hundred, iba, idea, ideas, implement, important, improve, improving, include, increase, increased, individuals, industry, info, information, input, insurance, inte, interested, interesting, internal, international, involved, irish, isa, ish, issue, issues, italian, james, job, jobs, john, joined, jones, jus, kev, key, kind, king, knew, knowledge, ladies, land, language, large, law, laws, lawyer, lead, learning, leaving, led, legal, letter, level, levels, licences, license, licensed, licensing, light, likes, line, link, list, local, london, long, lord, lot, love, low, luck, made, magazine, mail, major, majority, make, makes, making, man, manage, management, managers, manuals, market, married, mass, mate, material, matter, means, med, meet, meeting, meetings, member, members, membership, men, mentioned, mess, method, mi6, middle, mil, militant, mind, mine, minimum, minister, miss, mistakes, modern, moment, momentum, money, month, months, morning, motto, mountain, move, national, nature, needed, network, news, notice, noticed, number, nut, objective, obvious, offence, offer, offered, office, officers, official, open, operational, operations, operative, operatives, operator, operators, opinion, opinions, opportunity, options, order, organisation, organised, organization, owners, paid, parliamentary, part, party, pass, path, pay, payment, people, period, person, personal, personnel, pete, pick, piece, piss, place, plan, planning, pleased, point, police, poll, poor, position, positions, post, posts, potential, power, practice, prefer, primary, principal, private, pro, problem, problems, process, professional, professionals, project, proposed, protecting, protection, proud, proven, providers, public, purpose, put, qualification, qualifications, qualified, quality, question, questions, raise, ran, rates, read, reading, ready, real, reason, received, recently, recognised, recognition, recommendations, record, records, recruiting, red, register, registered, regulation, regulations, relations, remember, rep, repeat, reply, represent, represented, reputation, require, required, requirements, requires, respect, responsible, rest, results, revenue, rich, rights, risk, rmp, road, role, roll, room, round, royal, run, running, runs, safe, safety, sanctions, save, scandinavians, scene, scheme, scotland, screaming, screening, search, search dogs, security, security industry, seek, selection, seller, send, service, servicemen, services, set, share, ship, shit, short, shout, showing, sia, side, sign, signed, simple, simply, single, site, ski, skill, skills, slightly, slipped, slipping, society, solely, sort, sounds, speak, spec, stand, standard, standards, standing, star, start, started, starting, state, states, stay, step, stop, strike, strongly, struggle, stuck, stuff, suffering, suggest, suggested, suggestions, summer, supervisor, supply, support, surely, surveillance, sweden, table, tac, tag, taking, talking, target, task, team, temp, tent, term, territorial, test, theme, therefor, thing, things, thought, thoughts, til, time, times, tips, today, told, tool, top, track, trade, trained, trainers, training, tree, true, truth, tscm, turn, type, umbrella, understanding, usd, user, usual, valid, variety, venue, vetting, view, views, volunteers, wages, walking, walls, wanted, war, warning, waste, watch, water, website, weird, whilst, wiki, win, wise, wishing, women, won, work, worked, worker, working, works, world, worldwide, worse, worth, written, wrong, years, £400
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  4. Sticky Thread Sticky: Applying for vacanices

    Started by annie, 13-09-2010 01:06
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    2008, 2100, 9th, add, address, advice, afgan, ago, amazing, answers, application, applied, applying, approach, areas, army, arts, asks, background, badges, beating, blokes, boat, boys, break, breeds, bugger, business, career, carl, cash, chance, checker, cheers, close protection, close protection courses, color, colour, coming, common, common sense, companies, conclusion, cons, constantly, contacts, contract, convoy, correct, courses, cp course, cp work, cpo, create, cri, criteria, current, cvs, dark, deal, decided, deep, detection, direct, directed, door, door supervisor, draw, driving, dry, ds course, education, election, electronic, employ, employers, end, entire, environments, europe, eve, ex military, exercise, experience, experienced, face, fact, fast, faw, feel, file, first aid, fit, folks, forums, fpos, fun, funny, gain, happy, head, hearing, heat, hereford, honest, hoping, hostile environments, human, hunt, immediately, inte, interviews, iphone, iraq, issue, itís, job, jobs, jolly, knowing, lads, land, large, las, license, live, long, looking for work, luck, major, market, mate, mates, medic, meet, men, military, misguided, mistake, mock, move, network, networking, nice, numbers, obama, officers, older, opinion, original, page, past, paying, peoples, piss, pit, places, police, positions, posting, posts, power, pre, presentations, principal, prior, private, professional, profile, protect, protection, provider, psd, push, qualifications, qualified, quals, question, radio, ran, reading, reasons, recently, remember, response, rest, running, sad, save, science, sea, seas, section, security, security driving, sending, shame, shit, short, side, simply, sites, situation, skill, slightly, small, specialist, star, started, starting, starts, stated, stick, stop, straight, stuck, stupid, subject, successful, suggested, supervisor, tac, tag, tapmaster, task, tasks, temp, thing, tree, truth, tuned, usual, vacancies, vacancy, wait, wanted, weapons, win, winning, won, worldwide, worth, written, wrong
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  5. Sticky Thread Sticky: SIA Licence Tax Relief

    Started by kate, 26-09-2008 11:06
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    50%, abroad, act, advantage, age, ago, agreement, alot, anyones, apply, authority, aware, back, bad, badge, bank, basic, book, bring, career, case, catch, centre, cheers, claim, color, con, contact, cool, couple, covers, cp course, dear, decent, details, discount, door, door supervisors, dry, easy, employed, employer, enquiry, eve, fee, fees, find, fine, formation, forward, found, france, friend, fun, funny, future, good, great, guidance, hat, heads, hear, hey, hmrc, home, hope, images, industry, info, information, insurance, intelligence, israel, issued, jus, knowing, land, las, les, liability, licence, license, london, long, lots, mate, memory, mine, morning, national, news, nice, nigeria, nigerian, october, option, order, paid, pay, paying, people, place, private, private security, pro, professional, protection, qualify, question, quick, rate, recent, regulations, relief, reply, request, revenue, round, security, security industry, sep, sept, sia, sia door supervisors, sia licence, site, size, spare, speak, speaking, stand, star, start, stick, store, stuff, stupid, suit, supervisors, tac, tact, tax, time, training, turns, uniform, update, vip, wait, wear, web, white, wishing, work, worked, workers, worth, write, writing, years
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  6. Sticky Thread Sticky: Share Your Images and Videos for Close Protection

    Started by mally, 19-12-2009 10:49
    access, adding, close, close protection, home, ied, images, links, pro, protection, request, share, surveillance, title, videos, youtube
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  7. Sticky Thread Sticky: Global Risk Security Group, Paris

    Started by admin, 01-09-2009 06:52
    1st, accepting, address, advice, advised, apply, authorities, based, business, called, campaign, cases, citizens, close, close protection, close protection world, commit, communications, community, companies, company, contacting, contracts, correct, crimes, criminal, direct, employment, eve, face, fee, financial, find, forces, fraudsters, global, group, happy, harassment, hat, hey, highlight, individuals, industry, info, international, investigation, issues, kingdom, laws, led, local, made, main, matter, members, mentioned, missed, months, nigeria, nigerian, nottingham, number, paris, part, past, place, police, posts, practices, pro, protection, publish, record, registering, regulations, request, resolution, risk, security, seek, sep, september, set, situation, small, south, staff, stand, standard, standing, stated, statement, suggest, tac, touch, trading, undertake, united, united kingdom, walter, website, writing, wrongdoing, years, yorkshire
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  8. Exclamation Sticky Thread Sticky: Guidelines for posting

    Started by Nomad, 13-09-2008 01:59
    accept, amazing, appreciated, asks, assist, attitude, back, call, car, chance, choice, comment, community, cut, doubt, explain, feel, find, form, forum, friend, front, fun, funny, good, hard, hat, hey, internet, jus, level, life, list, make, man, manner, members, method, move, net, obvious, offence, opinions, ownership, part, people, person, picking, place, point, position, posting, posts, preferably, principal, problem, questions, read, reading, real, reason, remember, report, rights, safe, save, shout, simple, site, situation, solution, sort, speak, spelling, state, step, subject, taking, team, time, ups, view, virtual, wrong
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  1. Dubious CV's.

    Started by James9, 31-07-2013 12:04
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    absolutely, accepted, account, amount, approach, background checks, badged, bits, building, carl, cases, certificates, chance, check, chuckle, citizen, classified, companies, conflict, construction, contained, contracts, correct, cpo, crb, cross, dam, develop, direct, documents, education, element, employment, environments, fake, field, files, final, friends, gain, gaining, health, helps, hire, human, imagine, important, information, intelligence, intention, issues, james, jobs, killing, legal, licence, lives, majority, marked, matter, medical, meet, mentioned, military, mira, mod, move, names, nebosh, net, network, nice, note, officers, online, operator, opinion, partner, past, paying, personal, pick, pit, police, poor, prefer, previous, professional, profile, putting, qualified, quals, ran, range, real, recommendation, regiment, reply, requirements, save, section, security, serving, shame, shared, sia, sia licence, single, slipping, soldiers, stands, states, step, subs, tact, taking, train, tube, turned, vetting, work
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  2. Close Protection training

    Started by martinscott, 23-07-2013 03:15
    advertising, basic, baton, close protection, close protection training, clothing, defence, information, protection, removed, security, training, training course, weapon
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  3. Somaliland with Olive Group info?

    Started by slick91, 19-07-2013 05:08
    cheers, crack, demining, john, olive
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  4. What is essential requirements For UK work

    Started by mad1, 10-07-2013 04:11
    advertised, advice, afghanistan, ago, answers, buddy, cameras, carry, close protection, companies, cp work, domestic, draw, driving, employment, environment, executive protection, fit, happy, heading, home, ideal, international, job, jobs, king, london, meet, missed, networking, nice, offers, oon, paid, piss, police, poor, pop, pre, professional, protection, quiet, recording, reply, requirements, rest, retired, rich, rio, rip, roles, rst, section, security, shame, short-term, social, stabbing, stuff, taking, task, term, travel, vacancies, wanted, winning, wishing, work, wrong
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  5. Chaperone info

    Started by Emz4258, 18-07-2013 09:35
    application, council, cp licence, crb, form, friends, interview, licence, licensing, memory, pay, runs, website, wife
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  6. An interesting evening

    Started by Trojanhorse, 12-07-2013 05:23
    1.3, advice, agm, ago, arms, bar, block, build, built, business, card, cards, chairman, check, clients, coming, counter, deal, diamond, door, doors, ds/cp, dummy, event, explained, felt, festivals, filling, fine, fit, free, giving, guard, ideal, inte, intention, involved, isa, lead, learn, lessons, life, manager, mar, martial, martial arts, media, meeting, move, national, noticed, objective, offence, olympic, organisation, passed, past, pay, personal, photos, plan, planning, poor, priority, professional, profile, record, reliable, respond, ride, rifle, running, sea, security, selling, shooting, sign, signed, simple, small, speak, specific, started, straight, stuck, stuff, suggested, tact, task, techniques, text, ties, till, times, training, truth, venue, vip, vips, walking, wandering, wanted, wanting, website, weekend, work, write, wrong
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  7. Undercover boss

    Started by ade2010, 02-07-2013 02:34
    advert, badly, bar, blow, boss, cctv, channel, common, counter, customers, door, doors, entry, frontline, funny, involved, job, joined, license, longer, manager, manchester, needed, officers, opinion, personal, phil, points, program, programme, reasons, responsible, securitas, security, security officers, undercover, violence, wife, worldwide
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  8. Surveillance Operatives

    Started by mickycpromo, 05-07-2013 02:01
    207, london, operative, surveillance, surveillance operative, surveillance operatives, tomorrow
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  9. The bodyguard Bible

    Started by gaza, 29-06-2013 10:35
    afgan, bible, bodyguard, bodyguards, book, cheers, drop, gaz, gaza, heroes, led, proceeds, reading, rich
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  10. a wee bit of help please

    Started by glasgowmanasskicker, 27-06-2013 09:52
    advice, ago, arranged, asis, badged, basic, book, books, cases, cheers, childrens, clients, common, common sense, difficult, dom, escort, exp, helps, job, king, language, les, mandatory, manner, matter, move, nut, premises, protocol, putting, random, reading, remove, reply, representatives, security, signals, slipping, step, store, strictly, tactics, vehicle, work
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  11. CP industry in UK strat to being a BIG JOKE

    Started by cedrick, 25-06-2013 10:33
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    abu dhabi, advertised, assessment, attended, bodyguards, bonus, boring, boxes, build, business, cash, cert, certificate, cheap, chose, clients, college, common, companies, contracts, core group, corporate, corporate security, correct, cp course, cpd, dealing, demand, des, discreet, dome, drop, dubai, employ, employer, entire, event, experienced, final, financial, firearms, forge, forget, happy, heard, immediately, invoice, job, jobs, learn, life, lives, manner, nice, operative, paid, pay, paying, personal, picking, plane, polish, poor, practice, pre, professional, pull, qualification, qualify, range, real, reasons, received, reliable, reputation, rest, retail, retail security, school, security, sia, situation, sleep, speak, stated, successful, term, times, training, true, truth, undercutting, unit, unusual, usual, verification, voice, wages, wanted, won, work
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  12. EMT-I looking for new career in CP

    Started by rob-bird, 24-06-2013 02:41
    acls, advice, ago, companies, companys, contacts, emt, emt-b, emt-i, job, maritime, maritime security, marsec, medic, medics, military, network, parachute regiment, phtls, quickly, regiment, risk, security, started, taking, tccc, training, work
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  13. Looking for an Arabic tutor

    Started by Paul2RGJ, 25-06-2013 04:34
    advice, arranged, arrive, classes, deal, english, exchange, information, iraq, language, learn, live, media, networking, partner, paul, pay, plan, planning, previous, professional, profile, reasons, school, shop, sign, social, specialist, sur, surname, website, wedding, wife
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  14. Primus Group CP Training

    Started by PaulSmith, 16-07-2012 04:04
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    9th, ago, buddy, cash, check, cheers, claim, clients, close protection, close protection training, comments, corporate, courses, cp course, cp training, cp work, dealings, decided, emailed, english, experienced, feedback, festival, field, focused, get licensed, guide, habc, heard, helps, holidays, international, jobs, licensed, london, march, medic, mentioned, mistake, music, oon, operational, operative, photos, pick, picture, portugal, preferred, professional, profile, protection, recommended, reply, review, scene, school, single, sos, specialist, specific, support, task, text, times, trainer, training, training company, training courses, unlike, wishes, work, write, wrong
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  15. Executive Security

    Started by abuminyar, 19-06-2013 03:41
    1st, executive security, international, security, youtube
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  16. olive group ENI conract

    Started by andywootton911, 17-04-2013 08:11
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    425, absolutely, aegis, approx, blokes, companies, contracts, daily, deploy, drop, fair, heard, imagine, olive, pay, ppo, putting, sad, source, split, straight, tax, visa, work
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  17. Alex Salmond and Independence

    Started by Cbev, 11-01-2012 11:40
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    100%, 2014, aldershot, alex, ali, ambulance, america, anti, armed forces, attempts, badly, ban, beating, blue, brussels, budget, building, canada, cease, celtic, channel, chose, citizens, class, closer, coastguard, comments, council, cri, criteria, cross, deal, decided, den, dependent, determined, domestic, doubt, draw, dual, edinburgh, education, election, end, english, equipment, euro, euros, extreme, fat, fee, form, france, fraud, free, friends, fun, funny, gain, generally, germany, giving, goal, gready, greek, guard, happy, hearing, highlight, hong, hong kong, hoping, identity, important, india, input, isles, issue, italy, jobs, joining, kong, land, legal, life, lives, local, london, long, lord, m25, majority, membership, mile, military, misguided, national, nationality, nice, northern ireland, note, nurse, nut, odds, oil, olds, option, part, past, pay, paying, pick, plans, points, population, power, private, pushing, questions, raf, raise, range, real, regiment, regiments, remember, requirements, rest, revenue, rich, ride, royal, russia, scottish, sea, sending, serving, sets, situation, small, soldiers, south, spending, spent, stand, stands, state, stones, study, suddenly, summer, support, surely, taking, tax, taxes, temp, terrorist, times, today, tool, true, turn, university, wales, wanted, wanting, westminster, widely, wife, wishing, workers, worse, zealand
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  18. close protection course

    Started by copyright, 16-04-2013 03:36
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    account, actively, advertise, amount, answering, answers, application, aspects, associates, badges, bar, basically, benefits, blokes, books, brand, chance, cheap, choice, chose, chris, claim, clients, close protection, close protection course, close protection training, companies, companys, conducting, copyright, courses, cp course, credits, elcas, employment, environment, felt, forums, funding, galahad, galahad associates, get licensed, glad, helps, illegal, important, including, industrys, issue, jobs, lead, licence, licensed, loyalty, maintain, middle east, miss, national, nazi, note, obs, officer, operational, pay, paying, physical, pint, police, poor, posts, professional, protection, pushing, putting, qualified, realistic, recommendation, reply, requested, rest, risk, ronin sa, screen, sea, search, security, sheffield, sia, sia licence, speak, stands, surveillance, taking, temp, tent, training, training provider, wanted, warning, work, write, wrong
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