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  1. Sticky Thread Sticky: The boxing ring!

    Started by Covert Munkey, 27-01-2009 07:03
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    111, 7.62, act, als, amazing, areas, arse, attached, aye, back, bar, bastion, big, bigger, bit, blokes, bloody, bollocks, boxing, break, brilliant, bring, buddy, clean, code, comments, con, contact, cool, copy, corporate, country, cover, crew, cry, day, days, dear, died, drinks, easy, eat, end, equality, eve, excellent, eyes, fancy, fat, feel, fight, find, fine, fit, forum, forward, free, front, full, fun, funny, give, god, gold, good, great, guys, hat, head, hear, hearing, hey, hit, hitting, home, idea, images, industry, inte, jump, jus, kev, kind, king, lads, lead, left, link, lot, love, made, man, mate, mates, mile, mock, navy, nco, nurses, open, opinions, padded, paid, para, parties, past, people, permit, personal, pick, piss, place, poor, post, previous, problems, professionals, pulling, quiet, reside, ringing, rope, runs, school, shot, show, site, situation, sl5, sleep, social, speak, standing, straight, struggle, stuff, stupid, surely, tac, tact, talking, thai, thin, thing, thought, turn, turning, twat, ufc, voice, vulnerable, wait, wat, wear, wipe, world, wrong
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  2. Sticky Thread Sticky: Who would you work for again?

    Started by Nomad, 25-01-2009 11:58
    8 Pages
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    000, 1st, 2000, 28th, 8th, accomodation, acs, active, add, advertising, advice, aegis, afghan, afghanistan, age, ago, alot, als, amount, asks, aspects, associates, attacks, aug, back, background, bad, bank, based, ben, benefits, bit, blokes, blue, bonuses, boss, british, business, called, capable, cards, carl, cars, case, central, change, choice, civi, class, clear, cleared, client, clients, close, color, companies, company, companys, completed, complex, con, conditions, consultancy, contact, contacts, contract, contractors, contracts, corporate, correct, country, cp work, cpo, credit, current, days, deal, decent, decided, decisions, definately, delete, details, diamond, difficult, door, door supervisor, doubt, driving, due, earning, east, employer, employers, end, ensure, entry, erinys, eve, event, event security, events, ex mil, ex police, excellent, executive, expect, experience, experienced, extensive, face, fair, family, favour, festivals, finally, find, firm, fit, foot, formation, forum, forums, forward, friends, front, fun, future, g4s, game, gardaworld, give, giving, good, great, ground, group, guards, guess, guy, guys, hard, hat, head, heard, hearing, heat, hecpo, held, hey, high, highly, hire, hit, hmg, hold, holidays, honest, hostile, hotel, hourly, hours, hra, idea, ieds, improve, industry, info, information, input, inside, insurance, international, interviews, involved, involves, iraq, ish, issue, issues, job, jobs, john, jump, jus, king, kit, knowing, knowledge, kroll, ladies, land, las, learning, leaving, left, legal, level, licence, life, likes, line, list, live, loads, location, london, long, los, lost, lot, lower, luck, made, make, makes, making, man, manage, management, mar, maritime, maritime security, mark, market, match, mate, matter, means, meet, members, men, mentioned, merit, middle, middle east, mil, mind, money, month, months, mountain, music, national, negative, networking, nice, northern, note, noticed, number, offered, oil, olive, operations, operative, operatives, operators, opportunity, order, owner, page, paid, para, party, pay, payment, payments, people, period, person, personal, phone, place, plate, plenty, point, police, position, positions, post, posts, pre, pretty, prevention, private, pro, problem, problems, profession, professional, professionals, projects, protection, provide, provided, psd, public, put, qualifications, quality, question, questions, quick, quickly, rate, rates, read, reason, reasons, recently, recommend, references, remember, report, represent, reputation, require, required, respect, response, rest, reverse, road, rotation, rst, run, russia, russian, scheme, scotland, search, section, sector, secure, security, send, service, set, shifts, ship, ship security, sia, side, sign, simple, single, small, smaller, special, stand, standard, standards, star, start, starting, state, stated, stick, suggest, suit, supervisor, surely, tac, tact, taking, talking, tapmaster, tasks, taxes, team, teams, thin, thing, things, thought, time, times, today, told, tomorrow, tools, top, training, true, turn, type, undertake, usd, users, vehicles, vip, wage, wages, walk, walked, wanted, waste, website, week, wells, west, whilst, white, woman, won, wondering, work, worked, workers, working, works, world, worthy, written, wrong, year, years, yrs
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  3. Sticky Thread Sticky: Association of Professional Security Operatives

    Started by Nomad, 09-02-2009 11:36
    10 Pages
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    000, 100%, 1000, 1st, 21st, 50+, ability, accept, accepted, access, action, add, additional, address, admin, advice, advisor, affect, age, ago, aid, air, alot, als, america, american, amount, answer, apl, appearing, application, applications, applied, apply, approved, approved contractor, april, area, areas, arse, asap, asked, aspects, assist, assistance, association, attitude, attractive, author, authority, aware, back, background, badge, base, based, basically, basis, bba, beating, benefits, big, bill, bit, black, bloody, blue, boat, body, bodyguarding, bollocks, box, boys, bring, british, build, built, business, buy, call, called, cameron, camp, capable, card, careful, carry, case, cases, centre, century, chairman, chance, change, changing, charge, charlie, cheap, check, checks, cheers, choice, choose, clear, client, clients, close, close protection, close protection services, close protection training, clothing, club, code, color, coming, comment, comments, commercial, commit, common, community, companies, company, complete, completed, con, conclusion, conditions, conduct, confused, cons, consultation, contacts, contractor, contracts, control, corner, corporate, correct, cost, council, couple, cover, cp training, cpos, cqb, cracking, crb, create, cri, criteria, current, cut, cyber, dam, dark, date, david, day, days, dead, dealing, dear, decided, decisions, deliver, demand, den, dependent, des, develop, difficult, directed, direction, directly, director, discussing, dogs, dollars, domain, door, doubt, draw, drive, driven, drop, ds course, due, early, easy, education, election, embarked, emergency, employ, employed, employer, employers, employment, end, english, ensure, entry, environments, equality, equipment, ethics, eve, ex mil, ex-service, excellent, executive, expect, expensive, experience, experiencing, expression, eyes, face, fact, fair, family, fast, father, favour, fee, feedback, feel, fees, feet, felt, filling, finance, find, fire, first aid, flooded, focused, follow, forced, form, format, formation, formed, forum, forward, free, friends, front, fulfill, full, fully, fun, funding, funny, future, gain, general, generally, give, global, goal, god, good, government, grateful, great, ground, group, guess, guidance, guys, half, hand, happen, happening, happy, hard, hat, head, heading, heads, hear, heat, held, helping, helps, hey, hit, hold, home, hope, house, hundred, iba, idea, ideas, implement, important, improve, improving, include, increase, increased, individuals, industry, info, information, input, insurance, inte, interested, interesting, internal, international, involved, irish, isa, ish, issue, issues, italian, james, job, jobs, john, joined, jones, jus, kev, key, kind, king, knew, knowledge, ladies, land, language, large, law, laws, lawyer, lead, learning, leaving, led, legal, letter, level, levels, licences, license, licensed, licensing, light, likes, line, link, list, local, london, long, lord, lot, love, low, luck, made, magazine, mail, major, majority, make, makes, making, man, manage, management, managers, manuals, market, married, mass, mate, material, matter, means, med, meet, meeting, meetings, member, members, membership, men, mentioned, mess, method, mi6, middle, mil, militant, mind, mine, minimum, minister, miss, mistakes, modern, moment, momentum, money, month, months, morning, motto, mountain, move, national, nature, needed, network, news, notice, noticed, number, nut, objective, obvious, offence, offer, offered, office, officers, official, open, operational, operations, operative, operatives, operator, operators, opinion, opinions, opportunity, options, order, organisation, organised, organization, owners, paid, parliamentary, part, party, pass, path, pay, payment, people, period, person, personal, personnel, pete, pick, piece, piss, place, plan, planning, pleased, point, police, poll, poor, position, positions, post, posts, potential, power, practice, prefer, primary, principal, private, pro, problem, problems, process, professional, professionals, project, proposed, protecting, protection, proud, proven, providers, public, purpose, put, qualification, qualifications, qualified, quality, question, questions, raise, ran, rates, read, reading, ready, real, reason, received, recently, recognised, recognition, recommendations, record, records, recruiting, red, register, registered, regulation, regulations, relations, remember, rep, repeat, reply, represent, represented, reputation, require, required, requirements, requires, respect, responsible, rest, results, revenue, rich, rights, risk, rmp, road, role, roll, room, round, royal, run, running, runs, safe, safety, sanctions, save, scandinavians, scene, scheme, scotland, screaming, screening, search, search dogs, security, security industry, seek, selection, seller, send, service, servicemen, services, set, share, ship, shit, short, shout, showing, sia, side, sign, signed, simple, simply, single, site, ski, skill, skills, slightly, slipped, slipping, society, solely, sort, sounds, speak, spec, stand, standard, standards, standing, star, start, started, starting, state, states, stay, step, stop, strike, strongly, struggle, stuck, stuff, suffering, suggest, suggested, suggestions, summer, supervisor, supply, support, surely, surveillance, sweden, table, tac, tag, taking, talking, target, task, team, temp, tent, term, territorial, test, theme, therefor, thing, things, thought, thoughts, til, time, times, tips, today, told, tool, top, track, trade, trained, trainers, training, tree, true, truth, tscm, turn, type, umbrella, understanding, usd, user, usual, valid, variety, venue, vetting, view, views, volunteers, wages, walking, walls, wanted, war, warning, waste, watch, water, website, weird, whilst, wiki, win, wise, wishing, women, won, work, worked, worker, working, works, world, worldwide, worse, worth, written, wrong, years, £400
    • Replies: 90
    • Views: 31,677
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  4. Sticky Thread Sticky: Applying for vacanices

    Started by annie, 13-09-2010 01:06
    4 Pages
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    2008, 2100, 9th, add, address, advice, afgan, ago, amazing, answers, application, applied, applying, approach, areas, army, arts, asks, background, badges, beating, blokes, boat, boys, break, breeds, bugger, business, career, carl, cash, chance, checker, cheers, close protection, close protection courses, color, colour, coming, common, common sense, companies, conclusion, cons, constantly, contacts, contract, convoy, correct, courses, cp course, cp work, cpo, create, cri, criteria, current, cvs, dark, deal, decided, deep, detection, direct, directed, door, door supervisor, draw, driving, dry, ds course, education, election, electronic, employ, employers, end, entire, environments, europe, eve, ex military, exercise, experience, experienced, face, fact, fast, faw, feel, file, first aid, fit, folks, forums, fpos, fun, funny, gain, happy, head, hearing, heat, hereford, honest, hoping, hostile environments, human, hunt, immediately, inte, interviews, iphone, iraq, issue, itís, job, jobs, jolly, knowing, lads, land, large, las, license, live, long, looking for work, luck, major, market, mate, mates, medic, meet, men, military, misguided, mistake, mock, move, network, networking, nice, numbers, obama, officers, older, opinion, original, page, past, paying, peoples, piss, pit, places, police, positions, posting, posts, power, pre, presentations, principal, prior, private, professional, profile, protect, protection, provider, psd, push, qualifications, qualified, quals, question, radio, ran, reading, reasons, recently, remember, response, rest, running, sad, save, science, sea, seas, section, security, security driving, sending, shame, shit, short, side, simply, sites, situation, skill, slightly, small, specialist, star, started, starting, starts, stated, stick, stop, straight, stuck, stupid, subject, successful, suggested, supervisor, tac, tag, tapmaster, task, tasks, temp, thing, tree, truth, tuned, usual, vacancies, vacancy, wait, wanted, weapons, win, winning, won, worldwide, worth, written, wrong
    • Replies: 36
    • Views: 22,828
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  5. Sticky Thread Sticky: SIA Licence Tax Relief

    Started by kate, 26-09-2008 11:06
    4 Pages
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    50%, abroad, act, advantage, age, ago, agreement, alot, anyones, apply, authority, aware, back, bad, badge, bank, basic, book, bring, career, case, catch, centre, cheers, claim, color, con, contact, cool, couple, covers, cp course, dear, decent, details, discount, door, door supervisors, dry, easy, employed, employer, enquiry, eve, fee, fees, find, fine, formation, forward, found, france, friend, fun, funny, future, good, great, guidance, hat, heads, hear, hey, hmrc, home, hope, images, industry, info, information, insurance, intelligence, israel, issued, jus, knowing, land, las, les, liability, licence, license, london, long, lots, mate, memory, mine, morning, national, news, nice, nigeria, nigerian, october, option, order, paid, pay, paying, people, place, private, private security, pro, professional, protection, qualify, question, quick, rate, recent, regulations, relief, reply, request, revenue, round, security, security industry, sep, sept, sia, sia door supervisors, sia licence, site, size, spare, speak, speaking, stand, star, start, stick, store, stuff, stupid, suit, supervisors, tac, tact, tax, time, training, turns, uniform, update, vip, wait, wear, web, white, wishing, work, worked, workers, worth, write, writing, years
    • Replies: 35
    • Views: 29,075
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  6. Sticky Thread Sticky: Share Your Images and Videos for Close Protection

    Started by mally, 19-12-2009 10:49
    access, adding, close, close protection, home, ied, images, links, pro, protection, request, share, surveillance, title, videos, youtube
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 6,210
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  7. Sticky Thread Sticky: Global Risk Security Group, Paris

    Started by admin, 01-09-2009 06:52
    1st, accepting, address, advice, advised, apply, authorities, based, business, called, campaign, cases, citizens, close, close protection, close protection world, commit, communications, community, companies, company, contacting, contracts, correct, crimes, criminal, direct, employment, eve, face, fee, financial, find, forces, fraudsters, global, group, happy, harassment, hat, hey, highlight, individuals, industry, info, international, investigation, issues, kingdom, laws, led, local, made, main, matter, members, mentioned, missed, months, nigeria, nigerian, nottingham, number, paris, part, past, place, police, posts, practices, pro, protection, publish, record, registering, regulations, request, resolution, risk, security, seek, sep, september, set, situation, small, south, staff, stand, standard, standing, stated, statement, suggest, tac, touch, trading, undertake, united, united kingdom, walter, website, writing, wrongdoing, years, yorkshire
    • Replies: 0
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  8. Exclamation Sticky Thread Sticky: Guidelines for posting

    Started by Nomad, 13-09-2008 01:59
    accept, amazing, appreciated, asks, assist, attitude, back, call, car, chance, choice, comment, community, cut, doubt, explain, feel, find, form, forum, friend, front, fun, funny, good, hard, hat, hey, internet, jus, level, life, list, make, man, manner, members, method, move, net, obvious, offence, opinions, ownership, part, people, person, picking, place, point, position, posting, posts, preferably, principal, problem, questions, read, reading, real, reason, remember, report, rights, safe, save, shout, simple, site, situation, solution, sort, speak, spelling, state, step, subject, taking, team, time, ups, view, virtual, wrong
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  1. European security contract

    Started by BGN, 18-02-2011 01:25
    als, candidates, communications, demo, demonstrate, driving, europe, event, event security, ex military, experience, guards, history, interview, licensed, luck, medical, military, net, officers, open, preferred, profile, rst, security, security officers, selection, self employed, short, sia, signals, smart, training, vetting
    • Replies: 0
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  2. garda-world

    Started by dogbomb, 26-09-2008 07:57
    2 Pages
    1 2
    ability, accepted, accredited, act, actively, afghanistan, africa, age, agencies, ago, air, alcohol, als, america, american, ammunition, answer, apply, applying, area, areas, asia, attended, back, background, badge, body, business, calls, candidates, card, case, check, citizen, civilian, class, clearance, client, clients, close, color, communications, company, con, contact, contacts, contractor, countries, courses, criminal, current, daily, day, days, deploy, deployed, detail, details, directed, documents, domestic, driver, duty, east, economy, email, english, environments, equipment, equivalent, essential, europe, expenses, experience, felony, financial, find, firearms, forum, garda, garda world, gardaworld, general, global, good, government, gps, group, hand, hat, hear, helps, hereford, hey, high, history, incident, including, individuals, infantry, info, intelligence, international, investigations, iraq, issue, jobs, jus, key, knowledge, kroll, kurdistan, laws, legal, license, line, list, locations, longer, luck, main, maintain, make, man, management, mate, meet, men, middle, middle east, military, minimum, months, mso, news, north, note, obtain, offer, office, operating, operational, operations, operators, ops, page, paid, part, parts, pass, past, payment, people, peoples, phone, pis, pistol, place, poc, police, position, possess, posting, preferably, preferred, premier, prior, private, professionals, protecting, protective, provided, provider, psd, qualifications, qualify, questions, rate, rates, read, real, received, recently, records, references, regulations, removed, required, requirements, requires, reside, responsible, rest, resume, resumes, rifle, risk, risk management, rotation, secret, security, seeking, send, services, serving, size, solutions, specifically, star, start, stated, subject, successful, surely, surrounding, tac, tact, tax, threats, tier, tier 1, times, total, training, travel, turn, usd, verifiable, violation, violence, wait, weapons, website, work, worked, working, world, write, years
    • Replies: 14
    • Views: 5,859
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  3. Public Disorder in Egypt.

    Started by Mali, 02-02-2011 06:39
    2 Pages
    1 2
    africa, ali, bloody, casual, dead, des, driving, egypt, events, experience, fact, forces, heard, islamic, leaders, leave, limited, major, making, march, military, monitoring, opinion, plans, police, recover, rio, rock, security, shame, side, sign, situation, solution, south, star, started, starting, student, support, till, today, tunisia, turn, violence, weapons, wife, win, winning, young
    • Replies: 10
    • Views: 1,280
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  4. Portugal companies

    Started by fztotal, 11-02-2011 09:51
    companies, experience, forces, ico, military, police, portugal, small, special, special forces, training
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 669
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  5. London intelligence

    Started by Spooky Bren, 13-02-2011 08:00
    advice, direction, free, intelligence, london, long, making, quality, regular, resource, security, source, suitable
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 635
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  6. Management in CP

    Started by Clarky1664, 13-02-2011 08:06
    career, clients, degree, doors, hoping, law, older, open, risk, security, side, talking, times
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 818
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  7. Emirates stadium

    Started by rediffusion9, 13-02-2011 07:46
    confused, emirates, security
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 557
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  8. News from NI

    Started by Mali, 04-02-2011 11:48
    als, belfast, billing, carry, clear, criminals, deal, doubt, draw, fact, family, first aid, god, history, ireland, king, knife, life, live, local, male, murder, northern, officer, police, provide, scene, shame, shot, simple, skiing, station, temp, tempted, thought, throat, weapon
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 776
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  9. Any former 3 or 8 ROYAL IRISH ? Sad news...

    Started by fluffy, 11-02-2011 07:03
    3rd, accident, died, drop, ireland, northern, northern ireland, received, regiment, royal, sad, today
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 490
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  10. British firearms officers

    Started by divingmoose, 11-02-2011 05:24
    bag, chance, contracts, counter, counter terrorism, duties, experience, experienced, firearms, fits, iraq, ireland, job, jobs, london, market, northern, northern ireland, officer, officers, overseas, police, private, protection, sector, set, shot, side, skill, task, terrorism, tool, wondered, yrs
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 716
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  11. about IBA ?

    Started by fztotal, 10-02-2011 11:24
    abroad, act, advertise, advice, ago, answers, anymore, approved, association, bodyguard, clarify, close protection, close protection training, color, companies, cpo, director, employment, europe, experience, fake, feedback, fraud, germany, highlight, home, iba, international, iraq, kingdom, laws, legal, licence, license, matter, media, medics, national, obvious, operating, operative, pass, portugal, pre, previous, protection, providers, psd, real, recognised, regulations, reputation, requirements, risk, search, sector, security, sia, sia licence, sia license, stamp, sweden, tact, test, thing, train, trained, training, training provider, travel, united kingdom, vacancies, wales, worth, written
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 1,194
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  12. Country Report

    Started by 12345, 10-02-2011 02:43
    address, check, fco, fee, forward, information, intel, international, links, map, medicine, oxford, pic, picture, places, political, provide, quality, section, security, situation, specific, tel
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 587
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  13. intel needed for eritrea africa

    Started by SHORTIE.., 09-02-2011 08:46
    africa, app, border, den, dependent, intel, kid, needed, ransom, sudan, tel
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 502
    10-02-2011, 09:25 Go to last post
  14. FPOS Instructor needed

    Started by marsec-international, 09-02-2011 06:10
    act, advanced, fpos, fpos instructor, instructor, med, neede, needed, sos, tact, times, trauma
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 745
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  15. Music Industry Protection

    Started by benjbadboy, 03-02-2011 06:05
    backstage, capital, cheers, companies, cover, cp work, established, event, festivals, field, house, large, london, looking for work, luck, music, profile, protection, reside, residency, royal, security, variety, venues, wembley, won
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 1,049
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  16. Movie Syndrome!

    Started by Scartissue, 08-02-2011 02:01
    action, air, answer, army, ban, blend, bodyguard, bone, boring, boys, candidates, coming, commando, complete, cp course, dark, dog, dog handler, drop, easy, experience, experienced, expertise, eyes, fit, form, fun, funny, g4s, god, handler, head, job, long, longer, main, method, military, movies, nature, negative, network, option, past, piss, police, posts, pre, protection, purpose, push, qualify, questions, recruitment, rich, rip, risk, ronin, ronin sa, sat, security, set, shame, shell, shop, simon, snow, study, suddenly, surveillance, tactical, tactical gear, taking, thing, watch, wearing, windows, wise, worth, young, youtube
    • Replies: 8
    • Views: 874
    08-02-2011, 05:11 Go to last post
  17. CP work in Australia

    Started by usherbuh, 08-02-2011 04:45
    army, australia, cp work, experience, information, leaving, longmoor, situation, trained, yrs
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 1,128
    08-02-2011, 04:47 Go to last post
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 616
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  18. Counter Terror Expo 2011

    Started by David Platts, 18-01-2011 07:08
    2 Pages
    1 2
    2011, 20th, additional, ago, airport, application, applications, applying, approved, april, arts, attending, billion, business, card, cleared, colleagues, color, conference, copies, copy, costa, counter, counter terrorism, depending, designed, dollar, dsei, end, eve, event, events, ex police, exp, fee, forward, free, fun, gain, germany, granted, happened, information, invited, issue, leave, left, live, locations, main, meet, meeting, mentioned, military, mod, nature, note, obs, offence, officer, online, opinion, pass, personal, plenty, police, pre, private, readers, real, register, reply, requested, require, screening, sector, security, simply, special, specialist, star, starts, sufficient, terrorism, thought, unable, usual, venue, vis, visit, visitors, whit, worth, £200
    • Replies: 18
    • Views: 1,796
    08-02-2011, 04:27 Go to last post
  19. Anyone been to Puerto Rico?

    Started by brungesj, 07-02-2011 06:23
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 458
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