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    Default Official CPW charity partnership - Soldiers of the Streets

    The CP World management are happy to announce that we now fully endorse the charity, Soldiers of the street.

    Soldiers off The Street – England and Wales

    Soldiers off The Street – Scotland

    We have historically enjoyed a great partnership with H4H's but have decided to assist other less known organisations. The H4H's charity is a great cause and we support the charity, but have decided to choose this new charity; both the Scottish and the English office's.

    If you wish to donate then please click on the following link:

    Fundraising | Close Protection World's fundraising page

    Recently we accepted donations from forum members as a thank you for work found or advice provided. We no longer want this and request that if you feel you have recived something benfical from the forum then donate to our favoured charity.

    All fund raising, donations and charity events will be sent to this charity from this point forward.

    I think you will all agree this is a very worth while charity and many of us earn an above average wage. Please feel free to give to our unfortunate brothers in arms next time you come off your rotation.

    We all ask you to repost this and let your colleagues know about this great cause.

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    Its almost the end of 2013 so we'll be looking for suggestions for a new charity to support (suggest here) , here is our running total

    soldiers off the street.jpg

    Running total: 3617.00
    Total raised including Gift Aid: 4402.50
    Security Directly - Add Your Company - Competitions - police military security equipment

    Competition Prizes Needed, please send me a private message if you have any items you can donate!

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