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  • Yes I`m German.I thought about military or federal police BKA but this was a long time ago.Would be nice if i could you send an PM with more details but it dosent work or i`m not fully registered.
    hey.sorry for the lack of info.i have no ex mil or police backround.there is so many companies out there its hard to know what i should be looking for.im not worried about cost i just want the best training out there.
    thanks for your help
    hi,i was wondering if you could advise me.im looking to do a combined cp/hecpo course.can you advise me were to go.
    hi 24/7, Hope you don't mind me contacting you. My name is Mike and I am currently in Iraq as a US Dod contractor, not in the security business. I am a ex Brit military like most of us on this site and I was impressed by the amount and level of work you have done in this field. I see that you are in Germany right now. I just spent 7.5yrs myself there. My fiancee is in the states and I am contemplating in getting into this business with the right contacts. Hence this is why I am here. Please don't find this too intrusive, but I want to gather information on how to do this correctly and quickly with the right contacts, especially if US companies are offering positions, as I see you have experience in or with the states. Most US companies are asking me the level of security I have or I need to be a citizen..I wouldn't know who to contact or how to get a level of security....Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Mikeyboy1975
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