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Close Protection, Surveillance, Security Consultancy
Previous Experience/Places Worked
8 years Parachute Regiment-Tours of Iraq,,Northern Ireland
Surveillance work for Insurance Companies
Close Protection in Afghanistan and Iraq
 A diplomatic, professional and highly skilled individual who made the natural transition into the commercial sector after an actioned packed career serving in the Parachute Regiment.
 The training, comradeship and the experience gained in the Parachute Regiment and as part of the Special Forces Support Group, was to form the solid characteristics and the skill set that has proved
Key Skills
 A team player who fully understands the importance of unity amongst the group.
 The requisite mindset and skills to operate effectively within the high-risk sector.
 Proven ability of remaining focused whilst subjected to risk and pressure.
 Willingness to take on higher responsibilities such as training and leadership.
 The experience to ensure that de
Career history
Security Escort Team/PPO, May 2011 -
Olive Group, SSSI Contract in Iraq
 Worked for The United States of America Core of Engineers, providing close protection when going out on sight visits, and carrying out sight security surveys for them.
 Skill set for contract included, mobile and static security, navigation signals, client protection and surveillance detection techniques.
 University Certificate in Protective Security (Buckinghamshire New University).
 BTEC Level 3 in Advanced Surveillance.
 Close Observation Platoon Course (COP).
 First Person on Scene Medic Course, Combat Life Saver & Team Medic training.
 First Aid at Work.
 Counter Terrorism Training.
 Static Covert Surveillance.
 NI Support
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Iraq, Afghanistan,Northern Ireland, Cyprus
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