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  • New to this game, ex army, probably like alot of other members. Finding it hard in civy street mainly due to living location and the lack of suitable employment.

    Registered with numerous companies looking for possible work abroad.

    Mainly worked in G2 and G3 areas. Served 22 years Armoured Corps

    Int WO
    Sigs Instructor
    All Arms Counter Surveillance Instructor
    All Arms Electronic Warfare Instructor
    Unit Security Officer Qualified
    2 Years Quality Management (Lloyds Accredited)
    2 Years Internal Auditing (Lloyds Accredited)

    Any assistance in locating companies looking to employ would be much appreciated.


    Tam Burns

    soz for bugging you,

    feel like a teenager.

    Just joined and dont know how this place works....can u help me?

    Just a dumb blonde looking 4 advice and not getting anywhere lol.

    Hi Alex
    Thank you Will let you know. this is just a meet and greet if its a firm contact will remember you
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