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  • EOD medic look on linkedin at some of the EOD companies, as there are many more than I know but look at TDI, MSB.SE, Halo trust, there is a large list and its an expanding field and they like ex-military. I am a civilian and have worked in hostile and austere environments, I am also a woman. but I have managed to do alsorts of amazing jobs.
    Hi there,
    I read your history on your post. I'm currently doing an open university course to become a paramedic. However i havn't met or spoke to any ex navy medics who became nhs paramedics, can you give me any advice for the conversion.
    Many thanks
    Hi mate. i couldn't post a reply to your post, so i thought i would PM you. As back ground, I have been working remote and hostile environments since 1999 and have worked all over. I just want to point out that all ALS medic training includes advanced cardiac, advanced trauma and advanced pediatrics components. The ACLS/BLS/ITLS/ETC are not add on courses....they are an addendum to what you have to show employers that you are current and at a uniform level to other paramedics. These days all employers will insist on at least a current ACLS, BLS and ITLS/PHTLS or TCCC certificate as well as your paramedic registration. Without those, it will be near impossible to find a remote position unfortunately. Hope this helps.
    Hey jack, people who generally write on here that they were in the SAS/have "worked with" the marines, usually get mugged off as a Walter Mitty.
    If you want some genuine advice from an ex bootneck paramedic who has never worked for the nhs then Drop me a line.
    hey have a look at being an eod medic many companies pay really well, theres alot of work in this field and alot of travel
    Hi in response to your post. I have worked overseas a lot (long military background - and ANP prescriber) some of my mates are Ecp and had to do acls etc just to get an interview. For Iraq etc you don't need offshore course necessarily but you will need ALS/acls. The latter can be done on-line and is the easier/cheaper option. Regards. Gavin
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