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  • The trading name is Cerberus K9 International. Cerberus K9 International - Cerberus K9 International
    I have recently seen your post looking for a K9 company in Scotland. Cerberus K9 International - Cerberus K9 International

    Please feel free to visit our website, although international we are based out of Scotland.
    Hi, mate i registered to that k9 protection forum you gave me the link to however im still waiting activation and its been 2 days now does the website still work?

    thanks for the advice and guidance,i appreciate the help and in due time i hope to get the ball rolling.cheers mate
    Hi there I've just been talking with Annie Robinson, she told me to get into contact with you as I'm looking to do and explosives dog handling course. She said you were in the know and could possibly give me some advice. Cheers
    Whats the difference between pro-active, passive and dual in the drugs dog? Im really stuck about my next move. I really need to take some time to think bout what I want. But i dont know anything about it. And i need this to be my scourse of income if i can. Oh and what do you mean by protection has so many off shoots unless i dedicate all of my time to it?

    I have been trying to get into the Police since 2006 but as yet I have not been successful. I am currently an Immigration Officer with UKBA but I can not be a dog handler within UKBA due to the handlers being a grade below me- DH’s are Assistant Immigration or Assistant Customs Officers. The information I have on the RAVC and the DH role is very limited and I would like to know more about what the DH role entails, qualifications, how they are used ect. I know working with animals is a vocation not a job. Without sounding pink and fluffy this is something I am really interested in and I feel that I could be good at. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Hi, thanks for the reply I have had to post this as two messages:
    I generally want to work with dogs. I have been thinking about joining the army for some time and feel that I would enjoy the services life style. As I have said in the thread the trade I am most interested in is RAVC Dog Handler. To cut a long story short I am looking for something that I can use in the future. I want to work within K9 security or law enforcement and have looked in to other roles and organisations but from what I have read you don’t seem to be respected and opportunity are few unless you have Military or Police experience.
    Not bad mate, what are you up to? DAC is still a pain in the ass, but hey ho. How's life in civi strasse?
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