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  • Wondering if you got my earlier message? One of the Super Moderators seems to have restricted my access so not sure. In any case you should send your CV to nkazim2000@yahoo.com as soon as possible. If you need any clarification please let me know and I will send you my numbers to discuss the position. Look forward to hearing from you.
    All i can tell you is that they had the contract for the Saudi Embassy in London. The main Guy was John Daley nice bloke but can be a bit forgetfull. The ops manager is Terry Wheatley. I found them ok to work for and they have bits and bob sn the C.P side. I worked for High up member of the Saudi royals and had no problems. Pay used to be invoice at the end of the job but if its long term I think he was going to make it every 2 weeks. Re web site3 they never used to have one as he relied on word of mouth for recruitment and always seemed to have loads of guy's. One worning if your ex mil you will find a lot of new guy's who arent. That said a fair amount of his regulars used to work for the Dubai office. Good Luck on this one mate. must admit I'm a bit jealouse as I havent had a sniff for the new year.
    Hello bud, further to the thread for guard-international. What info do you have that would be helpful Prior to starting any work for them?
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