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    any decent work in scotland?

    thank you very much.will try to speak to them...
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    any decent work in scotland?

    looking for good run in scotland...static position,residential...or asset protection.if any one know something,please let me know.thanks.
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    security operative position

    please call Ali on 07454196474.
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    lookin for asset protection,static or residential position...

    in a few days time my job will be over and lookin for new place.interested to get a place in asset protection,static or residential position...can work any where in the country.lookin for long shifts...thanks.
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    you dont need to worry-never was workin with him...reason is very simple-he doesnt pay money.just try warn people to make sure they not gonna get involved with this cloun.
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    company-above&beyond careful!!!
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    job around brighton

    if some one interested in easy job(asset protection)-could be long shifts...need to have own van or car-07726316000 Ali.
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    lookin for the course in swindon...

    sorry guys-may any one know who runnin sia course in swindon???many thanks.
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    Anson Security

    thanks for warning...useful info.
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    1 month job in dunbar

    07516644870-nothin special...,but 1 month job(easy)to look after site in dunbar(long hours).if some1 interested,please call this number.thanks.
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    ello my friend...long time.i hope you doin well....

    ello my friend...long time.i hope you doin well....
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    lookin for static/rst or asset protection

    lookin for asset protection,rst or static position.just finished my contract with national,ready for another good job.if some one got it,plz let me know-07846957810.thanks.
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    lookin for asset protection,residential or static position...

    my contract with national grid is nearly,if some one got real offer,plz let me know.many thanks...07846957810.
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    lookin for asset protection/static position/event security....

    lookin for asset protection/static position...event security...or location work.07846957810.many thanks.
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    lookin for asset protection,residential or static position...

    ello...lookin for long term asset protection...,residetial...,or static position.if some 1 got any real offer,plz let me know-07846957810.thanks...