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  • Hi we have a static guarding job tonight and tomorrow in Bedford 20:00 - 07:00 hrs for a high street store paying £8 p/h s/e let me know via pm or 07968420882 if you are interested please
    Damn, well just to let you know, as soon as i seen your post on here, i copied and pasted it into the relevant places on TWO large networks that I am on, so hopefully the word will get around. Sorry to hear about the system mate, and hope it doesn't affect operations.
    hey mate which part of caerphilly you from, im from ystard mynach up the valleys lol cheers ed
    Hi Alex Looking to join the industry next year after another tour of Afghan. Just looking to see if you have any tips for a fellow Scots Guardsmen? Cheers
    Hi,Alex,Sorry,You are perfectly right.Give me on adrees email for the opportunity to present my Resume for evaluation.Thank
    you for your time,With regards,Very Respectfully, MOCHY
    Hi Alex,I am Mochy 45Years old(ex soldier,ex policeman,ex secret service),and I am holder of a Intl.Close protection officer certificate.I live in Firenze and I am interested in working in the
    WorldWide Protective Service(Hostile Environment Protection Teams).So when you are a good option for me ,please contac me.(sorin.mocanu@libero.it)
    Hello Alex, i noticed that you submitted a thread referring to NIBSSS Training. I completed a CP course run jointly by NIBSSS and Trident resourses early this year and found it to be excellent. As ever i have registered with many companies and answered many adverts for work but as you know it is who you know rather than what you know. Any tips you could pass my way would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to work worldwide. Cheers mate.
    Hi Alex hows it goin?, my name is Mike, I noticed your experienced in the industry and was wondering if you you could shed some light for for me maybe take a look at my profile tell me what i mihgt be missing, cheers.
    hello alex,just joined this forum on the advice of a mate who works as a p.m.c .... hows your tour going? any advice on getting my self out to work?
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