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  • This individual, the owner of a company called Danum Risk owes me close to just under £1000 which I have been trying to get back since Dec 2013. https://twitter.com/danumrisk

    Have taken legal action and he has a CCJ as a result, told the courts he would be paying the money back, that was May last year. Am now in the process of having enforcement agents trying to get the money back on my behalf. Regardless of going to court, still refuses to pay and has the cheek to send disgusting and abusive emails regarding the money he owes.

    I advise people to stay well clear of this person as they are completely untrustworthy and have no morals what so ever!!
    Andy, is it possible for me to forward you my CV as I am In the same position as they guy you replied to. I have some my CP licence but am looking for any ad-hoc security tasks that would enhance both my CV and employability, I hope this email finds you well? regards Mark Saberton
    Yeah the more i look into this and research the more nervous i get about taking the big leap, hopefully things pick up in the industry. As much as i want a career change in fear of being financialy trapped i cannot afford to take a massive risk and due to the down scaling of the Armed Forces ''burnig bridges''. Thank you for the advice and i will continue to think carefully and research as much as possible.

    take care.
    Hi Andy
    im new to this and i am looking to get into the close protection line of work. Im currently still serving in the British army and i want to soak up as much info as possible before leaving. is there any chance you could give me some advice about courses and companies.

    Any help would be great thanks .
    hey andy

    regarding your PM i have a contact there if you need him local lad speaks good english just in case ok

    cheers ed
    Hey Andy, i liked your posting on my thread where are you, what do you do and what advice have you got?

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