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  • On behalf of “The Associates†we would like to invite you to a security seminar we are holding at The Manor Hotel, The Beacon, Exmouth, EX8 2AG, on the 31st October from 1300 to 1730 hrs, with networking drinks after at 1900 hrs.

    The guest speaker will be Brigadier (Retd) Andrew Pillar, and the confirmed companies attending so far are as follows.

    • Control Risks Group - Training & Employment
    • Whittaker & Co - Tax Advice
    • Clarke Jeffreys - Insurance
    • Fielding Financial Services Ltd - Financial Planning & Mortgages
    • PSCS Ltd - Datacheck
    • Perseus Risk Management - Training
    • Colossal Maritime - Training & Employment
    • GMRS – Employment

    We look forward to seeing you there!
    Hi anna have been looking for an experienced accountancy firm to deal with my tax and national insurance and all the other money related items to do with the close protection world. all searches seem to come up with mentions of your firm any further info would be most welcome
    Hi Anna do you have an email address so I can mail you direct ? have a few questions I need to ask privately about tax and retaining your services xx
    Hi Anna, I hope you could help, just had a few questions about becoming self employed in my circumstances. I' am a door supervisor and recently applied for work at a company that will pay me cash in hand. The job is temp for a few months for a small amount of income. I dont have any intention to remain self employed after the temp contract finishes. Is it worth me registering as self employed and filling the cf10 form (excludes NI tax) or shall I just accept the cash in hand without being self employed. How does HMRC find out i havent paid tax and what are the concequences of not paying tax, i.e penalty? court? or worse?

    I'am quite new to all this and only recieved my license in Feb 2012. Hope to hear from you soon.

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