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Recent content by AnnaC-Whittaker&Co

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    Offshore tax evaders to face tough new criminal sanctions!

    Speaking at HMRC’s Stakeholder Conference in London, David Gauke said: “Time’s up for people who don’t pay their fair share of tax by hiding their money offshore. People who evade tax, facilitate or turn a blind eye to tax evasion will now face powerful criminal and civil sanctions...
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    Time to Pay Arrangements – Mandatory Direct Debit

    Advance notice about a change to the way HMRC will expect customers to pay future agreed time to pay arrangements. As you may know HMRC can use discretionary powers to agree to payment of a debt by instalments after the due date, where the customer is genuinely unable to pay by the due date...
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    On behalf of “The Associates†we would like to invite you to a security seminar we are...

    On behalf of “The Associates†we would like to invite you to a security seminar we are holding at The Manor Hotel, The Beacon, Exmouth, EX8 2AG, on the 31st October from 1300 to 1730 hrs, with networking drinks after at 1900 hrs. The guest speaker will be Brigadier (Retd) Andrew Pillar...
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    HMRC & MOD agree Laundry Allowance

    HMRC have reached an agreement with the Ministry Of Defence with regards to Uniform allowance for laundry expenses. Basically HMRC have made set fees for repayment depending on the Force you were in and the length of service. If you served in the Forces after April 2008 and you have not...
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    Raffle Tickets for Pilgrim Bandits Charity

    If you can't make our event on Friday but would like to buy a raffle ticket, please follow the link below Black Tie Valentines Ball Charity Raffle - Whittaker & Co - Whittaker & Co. I have also uploaded our Pre-Auction document if you would like to make a bid on any of the items we have...
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    HMRC SCAMS doing the rounds again

    Its really important you don't click on any links, bottom line is your accountant will tell you if you have a refund, do you honestly think HMRC will tell you have a repayment!!!!!
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    HMRC SCAMS doing the rounds again

    Recognising and reporting phishing/bogus emails Now that the self-assessment tax return deadline has passed this is the perfect time for scam artists to really get to work sending out emails regarding tax repayments that have ‘appeared’ on your record. Most emails will request you to...
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    Hmrc deadline only 3 days to go

    JUST 3 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!! There are only 3 days remaining to submit your tax return, all of our clients will have had reminders from HMRC advising that you have a tax return to submit, the letter will also state the fines if you don’t.. Whittaker and Co are here to help, let us have the...
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    Tax return deadline

    2012/13 Self-Assessment Tax Return Submission Deadline is fast approaching! If you are unsure of the information you will need to supply for the submission of your tax return please contact your Account Manager within Whittaker and Co for further information. 31 January deadline for...
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    Apologies for the delay, busy time of year in the Whittaker & co office leading up to the tax...

    Apologies for the delay, busy time of year in the Whittaker & co office leading up to the tax return deadlines, email anna@whittakerandco.com Happy New Year to you
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    Whittaker & co black tie event for the pilgrim bandits

    http://www.whittakerandco.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/black-tie-ball.gif 6 weeks to go to our charity event on behalf of the Pilgrim Bandits which is a charity we as a company actively assist. Pilgrim Bandits | Always a little further We have some good sporting celebs coming along...
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    Ltd Co and tax breaks?

    Hi Jonny, firstly accountancy fees for a Ltd company are higher than that of a sole trader, our fees start at £600.00 for a Ltd company or £250.00 for sole trader, the reason fees are higher is that we have to adhere to company law, file annual returns and also complete annual accounts for the...
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    Mca - change their mind

    Thursday, 17 October 2013 UPDATE FROM MCA Over the past few days the team at Whittaker and Co have been on the phone constantly regarding the news that Maritime Security Guys will not be able to renew or obtain a Seaman’s Discharge Book following the Maritime Convention Law definitions of...
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    Mca document causing a stir

    Yes we have added the document to our website and my staff yesterday were sending the document out to all our clients.
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    Mca document causing a stir

    Hi Paddy, my aim on this is to make sure there is no panic regarding being able to claim their Seafarers Earnings Deductions, however of course it raises questions as MCA have stated no renewals for Discharge books or issue of any new ones, maybe this is a question you put to the company who...
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