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  • Hi Anne,
    Long time no see. Its been a crazy year. I hope all is well with you and yours and that your feeling better. Are you going to the london meet on the 22nd? Also, do you know of a B&B near by as I always miss out on the evening activities and as I'm driving I don't get to get my hair down. If you know anywhere please let me know.
    Hoping to get back on the forum more now I have I have the ipad.
    Take care and all the best
    Hello Annie, you sound very knowledgeable in CP.

    I'm an average 38 year old bloke (though exceptionally young looking)
    I have no military experience.
    I've been a Policeman in London for 10 years.
    Is it possible for me to start a career in CP and if it's possible, please could you advise me on how to set the wheels in motion?
    Thanks for your time.
    hi annie im new and getting into the cp game after leaving the army i noticed your in south yorkshire i myself am a fellow yorkshireman ( sheffield) and i was just wondering what the job market for security is like up in gods country im based down in london an just weighing up my options as been married an moving around just dont work so i gotta commit to a location for a few years.

    thanks for any help and advice
    Annie, please can you remove the post "Females only" the Pilgrims job, he should not have posted that on here. Many thanks, Andy (ops1)
    Hi Annie. Just got round to actually getting involved on the site. Some top-tips would be appreciated on navigating and getting best use of everything?? Paid for the Gold option to advertise my company and courses, but can I hell find it??? Help!! :)
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