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  • can anybody please help!!!!!!

    i am looking to get into maritime security and have been sending emails out to a large number of companies to see if they could offer help and advise.i have still had no replies and i am no starting to lose faith.
    i have one major problem, i have no military experience and have no cp lisence.
    if any body can put me on the right lines it would be welcomed,if maritime security is not an option would i be able to work security abroad and what would it be doing

    hope somebody can help

    to all the members of the forum

    i am looking to start out in anti-piracy,i have not been in the forces or have cp qualifications
    i am looking for information on how to choose the right course an also if i am able to complete a course with not having a certain background.
    i have worked in the security industry for over ten years and would like to do something alot more involved
    can anybody help me or advise me in the write direction
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