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  • Argyll I'm trying to find out the relevant courses I need to do in order to be employable as a maritime security operative, but cant find any definitive answers, I posted a thread on the forum asking for advice and got a reply saying you might be the man to talk to, any advice you can pass on is greatly appreiciated.


    Hey Argyll, Im new to the site and your screen name caught my attention (me being of Scottish decent). Anyhow I noticed that you had done some work with Cochise, which an old co-worker of mine happended to be friends with Mr. J. Johnson (President, Cochise)....small world. To bad they are no longer in the business...
    And I actually turned down a contract with EODT due to my returning to active military service....and they are no longer doing business in Iraq at the moment. Thanks for your time.

    Cheers, Sean
    hi argyll i am really looking to join the cp networkand have wanted to for sometime now.its only been this year i have decided i want it?my biggest problem is if i am wasting my time, i joined army at16 in2000 and i was discharged3yrs later under miscinduct for goin awol,somthing i later regretted.aftger this i got involved with class a drug known as ectasy,and ended up doin8mnths in prison,soon as i got out back in 05 i screwed the nut took up boxing and started my own construction group with a few lads working for me. anyhows enough of the life story. i just worry that when i go through vetting after i complete any course will companies b willing to give me the chance to prove my woth?i really want this bad mate and will do anything needed to show i am a good person who has a hell oif alot to offer.??
    Hi Argyll,I am 45Years old(ex soldier,ex policeman,ex secret service),and I am holder of a Intl.Close protection officer certificate.I live in Firenze and I am interested in working in the
    WorldWide Protective Service(Hostile Environment Protection Teams).So when you are a good option for me ,please contac me.(sorin.mocanu@libero.it)Thank you for your time.MOCHY
    take it this is the private message thing then !?! do you work in a team or on your own, suppose it deppends on the job yeah. just thinking that if i do the SSO we might be able to help each other out with work !?! how many weeks in the year are you working then ?
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