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  • Hi,

    Please can you give me some advice on whether I should leave the Army (9 years 325 days and counting) to do CP work in Afgan?

    I'm in the AGC (SPS) and i'm getting bored of pushing a pen around my desk lol

    Hi mate im due to leave the army on 6th aug 10 and lookin to do some CP. However i dont know how it works. I would be grateful if you could give me some advice. E-mail harrybarber1@sky.com
    Hi mate was just wondering if you could give me a bit of information on cp work. im currently in New zealand a few pointers would help me out alot as im new to this im also ex-military... my email is rybo84@hotmail.com thanks ryan
    hello. wondering if you could help me. I'm just about to get out of the army coz i'm fed up with the bullsh*t of it all and am looking at getting into CP in hostile environments. i've done 2 tours of afghan, am a jnco and just about t turn 22. i don't know how CP works, could you enlighten me. many thanks
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