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  • hi, just a quick question, how long did it take for sia to get back to you with a decison once you sent your references off. I sent mine over 3 weeks ago and still havent heard anything. Cheers
    hi mate just wounderd when u ad ur license minded to refuse and u sent 3 refrences who was the references frm wat kind ov people was they frm? thanks.
    Hows things Royal cheers for the welcome.

    Try Drum Cussac, Special projects and services, ismaltd (google that one the full name escapes me),Most of my work has been with drum so i can recommend them. I can only speak from others experiences with the others. I believe SPS sub out to Armor Group!!
    Hope this helps mate.
    Hi Sam,
    I saw one of your posts mentioning 521 tp and Feb 87. Thought I'd say hi.
    Slim (your old boxing contestant!!)
    Hi i was just reading the thread on the psd training course you did, did you do the full 30 day package? i was looking at doing this before the year is up.

    if you dont mind shareing how was the course for you?

    thanks alot

    from what I can gather, they seem to be at the forefront of training providers with an exceptional reputation and they seem to have alot to do with the site.
    my comment ref 'different things' is for heat training in general ie course syllabus and training involved which is where my interest is, before I commit to a course I want to know that I will be getting the very best training as there is no room for error on the job.
    Hi there, would be good to hear about your course with PSD as I have heard so many different things.
    I am down on the Lizard.
    Been working in the motorcycle industry since I left the mob in late 01.
    If you would like to give me a call on 07943406749, we can talk about the position for sales in the company, or you can drop me an email to miguelgiestas@gmail.com with your details and I will call you.
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