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  • hello Barry,

    I have just read through a few of your forum articles and I'm interested in the 2012 Olympics security systems as a private investigator this is my sort of field.

    Please get back to me and tell me more as soon as possible.

    A happy New Year to you and keep safe

    Kind regards

    James 762
    Cheers Barry, I don't really have a problem with the Sec 1 weapons we use (except for the airlines who are completely inconsistent with their requirements) I was more interested on how you move Sec 5 weapons around and what countries you are able to provide to? Sometimes we struggle to get weapons into countries, and some airlines have now imposed a 5 kg limit on the amount of ammunition that can be carried.
    Hi Barry,

    Just another jaded officer trying to do some networking!!!
    Bear me in mind if you hear of anything please mate. Feel free to visit my CV page to see where I am.

    Kind Regards

    Well Barry you would be welcome to register with us as we do have the occasional job but mostly static work, but at least you are working and you would be registered when the good jobcme in. thank you for the message. www.coopersec.co.uk. 07969288494
    Tony we don't lease weapons we only sell them. I'm not aware of any UK licensed companies that do lease them.
    Hi Barry,
    Are you a point of contact for the leasing of weapons for MarSec. My name is Tony Phipps, I am a WO2 in the Royal Marines. tonyphipps@hotmail.com Are you on linkedin?


    Tony Phippps
    Hi Barry

    Yes mate we will be looking for staff, cant promise when we will have the work just yet, may be next year as we are still setting up.

    Barry nice one.
    What exactly is your position at the mo? I have a couple of mates, one just leaving the job who has done hostile cp work before he joined the police, he just got a job with MAST THE LUCKY BUGGER! the other lad is out in Iraq but going on the ships... just seems I need the military to do hostile stuff which is where the money is, and lets face it, its all about the £££ lol. are you on linkedin? I have heard that a good place to network
    Barry, Thanks for the post. Hope you don't mind me adding you? it appears to be all about the networking...
    I see you did the Ronin course? What was it like etc? cost? any plans would be most appreciated mate.

    You can email me at:

    Frank@matrix360security.com or ring me during office hours on 0207 321 3735.

    We have nothing open at the moment but we will be advertising very soon for our Olympic contracts. If you live near London or able to get into London from 20/07/2012 until 20/08/2012 keep in touch. Hope the course is going well.

    Hi Barry! Please get in touch reg. equipment. contact me at marseceurope (a) hotmail.com
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