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Im an a former Royal Marine now working in the private security industry with experience in close protection and maritime security, I am actively seeking new employment opportunities and would welcome any chance to further my experience.

Fitness, krav maga, rugby.
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Close Protection, Surveillance, CCTV, Door Supervision, Security Guarding, Security Consultancy
Previous Experience/Places Worked
I have experience in close protection, maritime security and door supervision. I have listed the different countries that I have worked in below. My experience varies from working on short term task
An energetic, enthusiastic and intelligent individual with experience in the Royal Marines in the Uk and abroad. Self disciplined, confident and hard working with excellent communication skills and a can-do attitude. proven ability to work as part of a team, lead a team or on own initiative with previous experience working for private security companies in close protection and maritime security.
Key Skills
Team player, Close Protection, Corporate Security, Residential Security, Maritime Security, Surveillance, SIA Licence, Ships Security Officer, Weapon Handling, Firearms, Risk Assessment, Planning, High threat Medical Training, Krav Maga.
Career history
October 2012-Present day: Amongst other roles I have been part of a team providing protection to members of the BBC during the Children In Need appeal on the One Show, and more recently have worked in corporate close protection to a major international computer software company.

March 2012-October 2012: Maritime Security Officer. Recently I have worked for a private maritime security company.
SIA Close Protection Licence (number 0830 0169 1159 9129)
FPOS-I medical certificate
STCW95 (all four modules)
SSO certification
Yellow fever certificate
Seamans card
Seamans discharge book
ENG1 medical
UK passport
Clean recent CRB check
UK Driving Licence
Are you looking for employment
What countries have you worked in?
UK, Northern Ireland, Iraq, Cyprus, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, India, Oman, UAE
Self Employed


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