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Recent content by biggimpy

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    Brothers and Sisters lost, Lest we forget. .

    https://youtu.be/NKMsc7XwXeI May your god be with you today. Best Regards J.
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    Brothers and Sisters lost, Lest we forget.

    Green Fields Of France Eric Bogle Well, how do you do, Private William McBride, Do you mind if I sit down here by your graveside? And rest for awhile in the warm summer sun, I've been walking all day, and I'm nearly done. And I see by your gravestone you were only 19 When you joined...
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    Brexit Bill !!

    After listening to the latest demands from the bunch of Brussels sh*theads desperate to f*ck the UK over to fill their grubby thieving hands Theresa May can take this check to her next meeting in Brussels and tell the whole dam lot of them the bill has already been paid in full !!!. Lest...
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    A BIG thankyou to Visioneer.

    Dart board's and glocks spring to mind ...
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    Criminal charges for hidden cameras.

    Hi OJ, subject to where the cameras have been placed and what they have recorded he could be charged with voyeurism and if any children involved then it's a whole other ball game (hole in ground and copper injection to ear) it would be wise to search for a remote transmitter and or live feed...
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    Global Africa Surveillance- security services in Morocco and Saudi Arabia

    Bonjour, avez-vous un lien vers le site Web de votre entreprise, il serait bon de promouvoir votre entreprise sur CP World et de donner à tous un site sur votre MO. Considère J.
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    The UK Election

    Best get a house and 5k ready for them as well, corbyn will of course demand a fast track entry with none of the usual screening formalities as it would be raaaacissst..im sure he will be on hand to give them his speed dial no and advice on how to claim asylum and benefits and Tony the rock...
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    Stick with argus top quality realtime training . Avoid the G4 thing . Good luck and don't sell yourself short. J.
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    The UK Election

    Nice after a short while of jumping up and down and shouting all councils and government rush forward with 5 mil public enquiry and new all kitted out housing for these poor people it would nice if the same could be afforded to homeless vets and mently disturbed same......all gone quite in that...
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    The UK Election

    Easy on us oatmeal savages (exept ginger ones ) Mon petiet poi choice.. .nearly had to go for counciling with that statement of Ie anti jockoneeze ;-) .
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    The UK Election

    I'm a vet 10 years mil and 14 pmc/psc , gave the latter up as our plc,s went down the same road as UK plc has done ...cheap shit ragheads and ex communists result being I Do a shit job that a labotomised monkey could do as I don't mind ragheads trying to slot me but at least pay me enough so I...
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    The UK Election

    Well said !! , judging by the political climate on a personal basis I would say were fcuked but in a professional basis after much consideration I would say were still fcuked' I always thought the meek shall inherit the earth....once we we were done with it, did not reckon the snowflakes would...
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    If having kiddie wives is the perfect man in their book then I'm glad I'm f*cked up still guess the rock spiders in Leeds Bradford and Rochdale had a model to base their kiddie fiddling actions on....kill the white folk and rape the white kids, the whole shooting match is pretty f*ucked up and...
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    BOOM!!! There it is...well explained . Not to sure about the unicorns but love the fluffy bunnys.good for gloves and stew Rgs J.
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