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Recent content by billy1000

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    Carrying a torch when working.............

    Been a while since I last posted. Merseyside Police are in the process of (or about to start) providing torches to DS in Liverpool city centre which are fitted with a filter that highlights traces of coke when shone on someones face.
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    Im in the process of joining the RMP

    Mayer, the army website doesn't give much away, but if its what you want, go for it. http://www.army.mod.uk/rolefinder/role/191/military-police-bodyguard all the best Billy
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    Job refused

    Interesting point about the media aspect, thats how I took the company policy about not using DS licence holders. It may be their policy or a condition of the contract they have and the clients specifications. Valid point about the training differences between DS and SG, may be the answer is...
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    Job refused

    I've read a few posts on here about CP licence holders being turned down for work (DS) and thought that will never happen to me. Well sods law struck, applied for a job, the company was happy at the interview stage, no problems with my quals or experience. Produced my licence as part of the...
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    CS spray question

    Sabre You're bang on the money, it is covered by the Firearms Act. So Mattlock44, take our advice, stay clear, otherwise you'll be spending time with HMP. Billy
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    Which path to take and how?

    'hollisio' If you're really interested in going down the route of being a Special Con to become a reg PC. Be aware if/when you join, you are barred from doing any security work as its a conflict of interest. As for joining HM Customs and Excise, that hasn't existed for a while now!. HM...
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    getting into the industry

    'Doorman1988' I see you've asked the same question in both the DS, CCTV and Security Guard forum. There's no easy answer to getting into any employment sector. Its a case of having the skills the employers want and being in the right place at the right time. If you have your DS badge you...
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    A Walt story

    I can imagine the details on their CVs don't match their claims on CPW. Billy
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    What a joke

    I can top, that down my way (some) security firms are paying the bare minimum of £5.93 per hr. As for DS, I've started seeing more and more single man doors. Billy
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    Warning for Operators on Facebook

    PM'd the 'guy', just hope he doesn't think it's some sort of wind up. all the best Billy
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    Warning for Operators on Facebook

    Talking of facebook I was in a pub recently and I overheard a conversation, from the info I heard I've been able to ID a member of CPW. Thing is this 'guy' I've managed to ID wasn't even there. From what I heard it was one of his mates talking about him to a woman trying to make out that...
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    Info on Sec Management Courses wanted?

    The course's your have mentioned, have been written about before in various threads. I've opted to study at my local uni, for a criminology degree. Been there almost 2 weeks. Went to a lecture the other day and I kid you not, there must have been almost 300 students crammed into the lecture. I...
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    Should the SIA be axed?

    I've voted the SIA should be axed (then replaced in my opinion). However I do believe that with regards to DS and SG there should still be some form of control to maintain standards in terms of training and CRB checks. As for CP I don't work in that area so I can't say what 'they' need to...
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    'PoochieMama' Glad to know someone knew what 'GOWISELY' meant, then I read your 'About Me' and...

    'PoochieMama' Glad to know someone knew what 'GOWISELY' meant, then I read your 'About Me' and your 8yrs of CivPol service.
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    Police give away badge number.

    That info regarding the police not having to give their name is wrong. When police do a stop and search they are required to give their name, collar number and station. The only time a number only, is given; is when the matter is an anti-terrorism operation/offence. Any police on here will...
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