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  • Good morning...I'm looking for any RST/CP or Asset protection work...I'm finishing a 5 month task in Surrey on 10th January.
    I am ex RAF and UK Police with current SIA CP License.
    Smart and reliable..please PM me or e mail david_harneiss@hotmail.com. ..Thank you.. Dave
    Thank you, I think I am getting my accommodation paid for so that should help.
    What sort of outside sports are available?
    I am talking about Fishing, Shooting(Targets or Clay) and obviously Golf.
    Hello blipra09, moving to the UAE is not to bad an idea considering the weather.
    On a serious note, its a good place to live with lots of things to do and see. On the other hand, be aware of the cost of living as with recent events housing prices have dropped, I am unsure if the rent prices have remained the same or increased some. Make sure the company you are working for can help you find a place near to where your working (mainly traffice reasons), and they may alos have a bit of influence with any landlord.
    Fuel and food is cheap, but alcohol and restaurants can be very pricey so be warned.

    Anything else just give me a holla..

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