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  • Hi there

    Im going to be on the 4 week remote medic course in Feb next year i see that you have a connection with them will you be there???
    Do you work for PPA International? If so I would like to discuss some things with you offline.
    Hi J. is this the same J. I went into training with in Denmark? one Dutch (me) one Norwegian, one Sweed and a Brit (you)? If my intel and memory is right it is you, will be going to the other side of the world soon, unless something else comes up.
    I'm brand new to the site and just saw a posting that you made about work in
    Georgia. Can you please pass on the email address for me. Mike
    Just so we are clear...it is difficult to get non us medics on contract. The US is cracking down on it, but we can do it...may take a while because we have to submit for security clearences now...but not impossible. Email me at (deleted for security reasons)

    Sorry that I am so late in replying to your message.

    I am freelance, but I do occasionally look for CPO's, or I get asked to source CPO's.

    However, as I am sure you will understand, before I forward on someone's details I either have to work with them to see how they operate, or I do background checks on the individuals to find out as much about them as is possible.


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