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    Cooperation between government and private security assets

    Hi! I’m looking into possible topics for my bachelors dissertation and among these topics is the relationships and coordination (or lack thereof) between private security resources and government resources. This could be in the form of joint exercises, emergency response agreements or...
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    I hope to join the industry.

    Welcome to the boards, mate! It's been a while since I was last here. I created a thread much like this one myself a while back and seem to have done quite well for myself ever since. These forums are a good place to start, apparantly. I have some experience as well, so don't hesitate...
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    Google Chrome help

    Not sure if you can block out advertising as long as it's not pop-ups, but at least you should be able to measure your internet speed here: Speedtest.net - The Global Broadband Speed Test
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    Norway Blas near prime minister's office in Oslo.

    Latest reports state 85 dead in the shooting so far, but it's likely more. Some got shot and others drowned while trying to get away or got shot while in the water and they are still searching for bodies. The gunman was arrested. He was a Norwegian born and raised with some connection to...
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    Norway Blas near prime minister's office in Oslo.

    Full extent of the law in Norway being a few years confined in a five-star hotel with all comforts such as TV, internet, playstations and movies. (Norwegian Prison). These are people who, when captured, should be tortured to death. That would discourage others from doing the same.
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    Norway Blas near prime minister's office in Oslo.

    The explosion was fairly powerfull and damaged a large area. The explosion could be heard far from the city. Reports also state rumours of executions and several dead on the summer camp. It's going to be interesting to watch the aftermath of this and see what (if any) changes comes from it...
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    Norway Blas near prime minister's office in Oslo.

    One man dressed as a police officer has been arrested on the site of the summer camp shootout. Still no reports on casualties. Looks like we are starting to pay the price for having a weak and naive government. EDIT: Confirmed seven dead and two severely injured in the bombing.
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    Norway Blas near prime minister's office in Oslo.

    Current reports state several dead from the bombing and five injured or dead in the shooting at the political youth summer camp.
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    How well does GPS work in adverse condtions

    This depends largely on what type of GPS you are using. In my experience the civilian type GPS systems are far better than, for instance, army equipment. The trick is to google them, read reviews and spend time finding a good one. Some GPS systems can find a satellite and give you a fairly...
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    Best car owned and why?

    1997 Honda civic 1.6 Vtech 5 doors. Best car in the world. Won't even bother to count the times I've run that thing out of oil and it's still working like it was new. Can't kill it if you try. Used car too which is awesome for all the right reasons.
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    How does this sound?

    I've now read all 14 pages of this thread and I've seen a lot of good ideas and different opinions. While this thread in many ways displays the wealth of knowledge held by the members of this forum it also shows why progress is slow on the subject of unf*cking the industry. The reason why this...
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    The Modern Bodyguard (Book)

    Speaking of books, how's yours coming along?
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    How do you remove 'cached google search results'

    Not sure if I'm understanding you right, but if it's what I think it is, there's no other way to control that other than what you type in the search field. The fact that a website is cached doesn't mean anything for you. That simply means that it is a website that is stored in the google...
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    How do you remove 'cached google search results'

    If you could give us some more details it would probably be easier to give a good reply.
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    Why you should not use a 50 cal round as a hammer

    Can't put my finger on it, but something seems to be wrong with his hand. He might want to put a band-aid on that.
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