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  • Can't pm for some reason. Give me a call Monday. 07711928330 and drop me a line to jim@visionimpossible.biz
    Hi Brengunner

    Thanks for the advice it has been very helpful. I will take it on board, and i think i will try get my course done by either Ronin or task international. It will just take a bit of time to get it funded lol


    Hi DjwardB

    Just read through your profile so never mind my last message to you lol.

    Its as simple as this really mate, yes you have military experiance so tick in the box, but sadly there are many many people coming out the armed forces and thinking or choosing this industry so you need to have an edge and what course you do is much of a muchness but do stick with well known and higher quality companies.

    You do have an advantage i would say over many already in the industry and that is civies who dont stand much chance at hostile work, where as you do due to your tours and military experiance. but with out contacts to get you started you will find it hard but that doesnt mean you wont succeed

    So in a nut shell if you dont have contacts then the best start you could give yourself is the best course, if you do have the contacts for work then go for the cheaper course if your sure your contacts will get you a start on your own merits not the courses merits.

    all the best!
    Hi DjwardB

    Can i just clarify a few things so that i could give you some more direct answers.

    1) how old are you?
    2) what is your background?
    3) if you are ex mil, how many years served and what tours covered?

    Many thanks,
    Hi, I'm looking to do my close protection course, I have held my door supervisor license now for 2 years but would like to do something more challenging. I have looked at doing my course with Ronin and Argus Europe but find that these courses are very costly, I have found other courses that are around 1200 and the only differences are that the cheaper courses do not cover firearms or fpos. If I was to get my cp badge I would like to work abroad but do I need my firearms course also being Ex Army? Any advice given would be appreciated.
    Hi Ladies and Gents
    Happy to talk to anyone who wishes to chat or ask questions, many years working the doors (20yrs) so any new comers can happily ask away for any advice i can give them.

    Also in my 4 yrs holding my C.P badge can also hold a good conversation with most regarding my own experiences within that role also.

    Other than that i hope i can give to C.P world what it and its members can give to me, happy days!
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