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  • Hello bub there has been 1or2 iusses regarding julian and the cv serice ive not used him myselve but have heard he does good work on the CVs ok

    get your 5 posts done then you can private message then hon ok
    Hello bubbles its ok i worked it out you would be better linking with FBG than me hon as your from the same background and same sex like i cant see any advice i give you helping you out much as there are alot of more exprienced operators with the same backgrounds that are members than me.

    Just trying to help hon ok.
    Cheers ed
    Hello buddles how you doing can i ask if we know each other and from where or which company

    cheers ed
    You're most welcome... and I really wouldn't worry about the sarcy ones... Comfortable in your own skin comes to mind? CD
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