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  • I was just reading the last message that you posted about not been able to get in to the durham police force. i know one lad that was doing the same as you applying for them he had been in RMP for almost 20 years and done tours also he failed his interview as they said that he dose not have sufficient experience in this type of job and he was saying a 18 year old lad went in just after him on his 18th and got the job straight away. i think they are just looking for a young police force for some reason. im thinking of applying for them when i get around to it.
    Hi Gary, I was involved in surveillance and advanced driving in the Army then left to become a Police instructor. I was lucky enough to teach everything as a civillian so not a Police Officer but I did teach everything my Officer colleagues taught and in fact I had more experience than the other instructors.
    I have now left and setting up my own company. But missing the pursuit training..

    Hi Tom.
    I've read some of your posts regarding Driver training and think we're on the same page you and I. I'm new to this forum and just finding my feet a bit. I'm a police officer - advanced driver on a crime unit. I noticed your previous police driver training mentions. We're you a police officer? or on the civilian training strength?
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