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  • Hey Camm,
    I see you're an ET graduate, I am too. What a great course. I did my training with BMark, obviously, Bob and Ian in Oct 2011. I'll be going back for more soon. Are you away doing Marsec work? I'm trying to get into it. Done the quals and got the jabs. Putting my CV out and letter of intro but it seems dead at the moment. Any advice?

    Stay stafe and free from boredom. Might see you at the re-union in August at ET.

    Bluemean1e AKA Friemo.
    Hi all i have just completed the Marsec firearms course with Euro Tactical,what a awesome course.All the staff Mark,Ian,Bob and Andy were fantastic.They helped all the way through the whole course.They are very professional all the way through the course and very funny staff.I would suggest all the guys who want an excellent traning facilty in Marsec Firearms training go to Euro Tactical.I also had loads of advice from Julie who helped me to get the course booked and also helped with the flights.I would just like to say a big thank you to you all.THANK YOU ALL.The accom where we stayed with Theo and Jane was brilliant the food was awesome and excellent hosts,so a big thank you to them for making us feel so welcome.CHEERS ALL WHO WAS INVOLVED IN AN EXCELLENT COURSE.The value for moneyto the accom and the course was fantastic
    Hi. I will go for Job in Ethiopia next week. short term but always something . Any advising?

    I have heard of them but not in any detail, so i cannot comment on anything about them.


    hi folks i am looking for a company who do cvs and covering letter,one that somebody has used and would re-use them again.i know you can put it in google and find them but want to use 1 that you folks have used.

    many thanks
    To the 6 soldiers that have gone missing in Afghanistan R.I.P and my heart goes out to there family and friends
    Hi my names jack I'm new to this site and the industry how would I be able to get into maritime security and anti piracy

    First of all I apologise for the delay in replying as i am away on a vessel at the minute.

    You DO NOT need a CP licence to work on a vessel.

    If you are ELCAS qualified then you can do your SSO course with 4 course providers of which i work for one of them of them, especially if you have done 10 yrs in the Army.

    Next, set your settings to allow Private Messages on this site then i can contact you privately.


    :cool:Hi every1 hope we all had a good new years eve and didnt get to drunk.Wishing you all the best for 2012
    Hi there everyone,just thought i would wish you all a happy new year and all the best for 2012,make sure you all keep safe.all the best all
    if i have been out the army over 10 years do i need to do a cp course if i want to go into maritime security,which i hav been told by a coy,i need to know cos i am self funding all of my courses.cheers for any help guys and gals
    i have been on the cp chat forum today,i am wanting to go into maritime security and have been told that MCA are getting rid of the SSO course for people who want to do maritime security.Can anybody elaborate on this at all for me,because at the moment i am so confused in which courses i should be doing. many thanks
    Hi there everybody,i am looking into going into cp/maritime security and would appreciate and advice.I am going to Wilplan for an open day about the CP course.
    I have been out the Army for a few years and would like to get into this sort of work overseas.

    I do have a few mates who do it and love it
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