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  • Hi Carl, I supply tools and training to several TSU's, and agencies around the with their 'Agency Only' tools.
    Did you use any of Safe Ventures tools?
    Thanks mate, Looking for work at the moment just about to get my SIA licence in CP with paradigm Security Solutions. Need to start Networking to try to get known and hopefully a job.
    Hi CD,

    Just a quick one saying thanks for your support and for sharing your knowledge on my forum posts/threads.
    Hope one day I could return the favour...

    Take care and thanks again.
    Hi Carl,
    My name is Matt, I am new to the industry and am setting things in place so as not to walk in off the street and try to make some claim to a role in the industry with no credibility. I realise this is not a qualification industry although it does help. I beleive in doing the hard yards and showing that you can and that you are prepared to do what is required. This is how I operate.
    That aside, I have Read some of your posts and I find myself in line with your point of view. it was because of this I came to visit your page. I thought it polite to introduce myself and not just rudely cruise through your personal space.

    Stay Safe
    You can see how often i get on here...

    In the fully employed category Carl, time's ticking mind, 4 yrs to go! The big question is what then??
    I'm still struggling with my initial enquiry via Viz, he was unsure but mentioned you may be able to assist or at least point me in the right direction, ok to PM you?
    We need to exchange some information about andymartorell. I have no interest in this forums or doxbox you. Please contact me back at jodgap @ gmail (dot) com
    as requested and just passing through. Vis mentioned your name when i was picking his brains regarding work, problem's sort of sorted for the meantime so i'll leave you alone for now!
    Carl, you asked for visitors to say hello, so hello! I'm just being a nosey Parker, trying to learn how the old sweats paved their way. Thanks. Sam.
    Yep CD some of the old boys still around, you still a youngster mate !!
    This site still does not change though.
    I advertise for guys with CURRENT VISA only, I put in capitals
    I get 11 replies and guess what? you got it mate, not one had a visa!!!
    The mind boggles Carl.
    Take care
    Comfortable in my own skin is definitely something I of having to be :) had a look at your profile and wow you have had a busy career...hopefully in time mine will look as colorful!looking forward to starting my course next week!so what do you do now apart from being the 'middleman'?
    For what ever reason im having a look at this page, i say Hello to preserve politess and good manors.

    (Sweed is discretly sneaking out thrue the back door)
    Sorry for the late reply I've not been on this site in ages but if my memory serves me correct I was responding to your post on October 28th regarding a post to all Royal Marines on the corps birthday......
    hi carl im new 2 the site im 27 years old got 4 and a hlaf years military experience and operational duties under my belt would be very gratefull of info in what 2 do to get into the idustry regards Ben
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