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    The Arming of British Police.

    Armed police are a last form of deterrence at high security locations within the United Kingdom. Specialist weapons trained officers, regularly guard and patrol diplomatic sites and are also regularly deployed to enhance airport security. These highly trained and expensive officers are...
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    Observing from the door.

    The United Kingdom hosts many events, both domestic and international. These events draw people from all parts of the world, whether as presenters or as visitors. With these events drawing so many unknown visitors to their localities, the potential for a security or terror related incident, is...
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    Using security data to prevent terrorism

    Recent security news is causing a level of heightened surveillance within the United Kingdom. Events in localities scattered around the world, and especially within Europe are causing concerns about the safety of the population. It is also providing the government with an increased desire to...
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    Keeping airports safe.

    The recent bombing of Brussels airport, and the downing of a commercial airliner, which departed from a Paris airport, will have heightened the demand for airport security within the United Kingdom. Trying to balance between the safety of the airport, planes and people; and the free movement of...
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    Protecting our democratic way of life.

    With the recent assassination of a much loved United Kingdom Member of Parliament, the threat to parliamentarians has become more intensified. Throughout recent years, members of the public have shown their displeasure at the way the government has been running the country, by physically...
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    Average Cyber Criminal Age Drops To 17 As Parents Are Warned To Be More Vigilant

    The National Crime Agency (NCA) has reported that the average age of cyber criminals has dropped from 24 to 17 in the last year, following the arrest of a number of children as young as 12 years old over twelve months. They have launched a campaign called #CyberChoices that not only aims to help...
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    Facewatch Trialling Thief Recognition Software For Stores And Businesses

    Facewatch, which currently enables shop and business owners to upload and compare pictures of alleged criminals like shoplifters and bag thieves, is trialling a facial recognition system that will provide shop owners with an automated alert if a recognised thief enters their premises. Although...
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    UK Border Force Says Mules Are Taking Greater Risks To Smuggle Class A Drugs

    UK Border Force has said that drug mules are taking increasingly greater and more dangerous risks in order to smuggle large quantities of class A drugs like heroin and cocaine into the country. Reports of recent arrests include details of individuals swallowing as many as 110 packages in order...
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    New Year’s Celebrations Halted Amid Terrorist Security Fears

    New Year’s celebrations around the world were halted or affected by fears of terrorist threats. Belgium, France, and Russia were among the countries to cancel their annual celebrations, while increased security was seen in many capital cities. In London, all armed police annual leave was...
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    Critics Hit Out At New Sangatte Style Refugee Camp

    Critics have hit out at French plans to build a £1.1m style Sangatte camp in Dunkirk, claiming that it will see an influx of refugees that are attempting to get over the border to the UK. Since ferry crossings in Calais have seen more rigorous security checks, an increasing number of refugees...
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    “Britain’s Biggest Fraudster†Enlisted By Police To Tackle Cybercrime

    Police have taken the controversial move of employing the services of a man dubbed as “Britain’s biggest fraudster†to help them in the ongoing fight against cybercrime and Internet fraud. Tony Sales is believed to have stolen £30m using stolen credit card and identity details, initiated...
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    Olympic Fence Being Deployed To Calais To Prevent Immigrants

    A high security fence that was used during the Olympic Games in 2012 is being sent to Calais in a bid to try and prevent illegal immigrants from getting over the border via trucks and ferries. This is one of a number of steps and additional measures that are being taken as a number of reports...
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    NCA Warns Smuggled Weapons Could Be Used In UK Attack

    The National Crime Agency, the NCA, has said that there is a very real danger of automatic weapons being smuggled into the UK and used in a terrorist style attack like the one that saw 38 people killed on the beach and in a hotel in Tunisia last month. The group, which is often referred to as...
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    UK Marks 10th Anniversary Of 7/7 Bombings

    People across the UK paid respects to the dead and injured during a one minute silence to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the 7/7 bombings in London. A special memorial service was held at Hyde Park, while businesses, shops, and even buses closed or stopped to adhere to the tribute. A...
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    Heathrow Airport Bans Pass The Bomb Board Game

    Heathrow Airport security checks have come under the spotlight once again, but this time not for being lapse, but for being over zealous. A woman has reported that security officials at the airport stopped her and her two young children from taking a board game on a flight to Spain because it...
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