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Recent content by co19

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    Site Security Advisors

    We have an existing project up for renewal (its renewed every year and we have had it for 10+ years) and it may grow - we are potentially looking for site security & evacuation advisors for 3 sites in the Middle East - rotation 6 weeks on and 6 weeks off, you are also paid when on leave - must...
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    Assistance on Kroll Brand

    All Can I ask for as much feedback as possible. Can members give their opinion of what services Kroll provide, I am purely asking what services that Kroll as an organisation is known or believed to deliver from your individual perspective or from what you think the sector believes...
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    Risk Environment in KABUL 2015

    Can anyone who has recently come back or is serving in Kabul provide me with some information on the threats to Expats in Kabul as of March 2015 Many thanks
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    Can anyone provide me with a summary of the current risk environment in Kabul as of March 2015...

    Can anyone provide me with a summary of the current risk environment in Kabul as of March 2015? What is the threat towards EXPATS - Thanks in advance
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    ROC Reports for Iraq

    If anyone has ROC reports from 2003-2010 - I am after reading them as some background reading Any assistance is appreiated Please pm me if you can help Thanks all
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    US State Department in Iraq

    In fact, forget it goodbye all
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    US State Department in Iraq

    Anyone that is able to understand my initial thread and wishes to get in touch with me by pm, please do so and i will discuss more. I am not going to discuss my request in open forum. Part of me does says why put a thread on this forum when I get a response like the one above. If the thread...
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    Training in the US (got SIA)

    Crucible in Virginia
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    US State Department in Iraq

    If anyone is working on any US State Dept work in Iraq, can you PM me. This is not a request for assistance with a job. Best
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    Kenyon International

    Starlight, your inbox is full. The company have an office in Bracknell. Best
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    Kenyon International

    Has anyone ever heard of this company? Id so can you give me some feedback on them? Thanks in advance
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    Radio hire company?

    I here these guys are ok Radiocoms Systems Limited. The UK's Leading Two-Way Radio Supplier
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    help needed in Iraq

    Unfortunately all part and parcel of the PMC industry in Iraq, I have had late payments also from one particular company and I was the ops manager, I just emailed every day until I got paid, generally within a week to 10 days. Its probably happened to most guys. The reason most of the time is...
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    The Law on Weapons

    You should have recieved this information about this on your cp course. It is unlawful to carry the items you mentioned as they are offensive weapons under UK law. The carrying of an offensive weapon in a public place for self defence is not a defence in UK law. Who was your training provider?
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    Arabic Speaking CP operators

    Please PM me if you fit the profile. Minimum langauage level sought: intermediate arabic 2 people required, one working at a time, rotation: one month on and one month off.
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